Deinonychus : Warfare Machines

Doom Black / Netherlands
(2007 - My Kingdom Music)



Moved like cattle to the assembling point,
Just a few spared
Surrounded by stench of vomit and fear.
A finger pointed in my direction,
A trail of blood my compass
Fear burying my breath following the lifeless
Inside the building agony bids me welcome,
The horror revealed
Blinded by night the windows are sealed
The Sieg Rune enslaved me taking my very last pride this night
My senses are slipping away forever
Odorless carbon monoxide is leaving the building swiftly and fast
Taken outside to burn with the rest
Perished into snowflakes I fall down from the heavens above to down below
There's no God to witness this relentless horror


Flares lead my way over the occupied lands,
At the dawn of opening my hatch
From a high altitude everything below seems asleep,
Illuminating our objectives
Sparkles below create a carpet of surprising pain,
Unlike a common daily rain
Return emptied and exhausted on spare fuel,
Another city in ruins victory is ours
Hear the whistle from the sky
Bombs are falling, you're going to die
Breathing your last breath, the end...
A once vivid city, scorched and burned
In formation upholding our vision we returned,
Re-fueled and reloading again
Causing pain and extinction,
Below there's nothing to see,
Just fire and tears
We carpeting your fear and lives,
Erasing your memories,
Thunder from above
The sound of our engines have silenced
From the screams below
As we go onwards


Eastwards we went, adrenaline fluxed with death
Roaring divisions, rape you insane
Parting your children, the elderly and weak
Picturesque landscapes, painted in red
Under the banner of the deadhead, we conquer
We slave you behind the barbed wire
With glazing eyes, you witness the murder East
Salvation and peace comes with the beast
Why... We must cry...
Why... We must die...
Stripping your life, raping your wife, serve our will
Freezing to death, boiling in bath, we came to kill
Exploding tissue, frantic scream
Are you still thinking, this is a dream ?
Fragments of thoughts, scattered shells, all but why
We've defeated your will, now we're going to kill, you're going to die
Obedience to us, you're mine
We're going East, it's time


We grow by number, every day one joins under the swastika
Leaving behind the civilized world
Every thought serves the cause, as we've been told many times
A proud to be Aryan
Curtains of blood fall over Europe, we are the next in line
Preserve and protect from decline
To kill is to survive...
I'll take away your life...
Follow the runes, we are dressed in hate
Your Zionist God will come too late !
Each of us, indoctrinated and stale
My knife pierces your flesh, so pale !

5. MG-34

Piercing your bones
With hundreds we come
At the shores we'll await
We smell your fear
Flickering light. Leaves from the barrel
Bodies drop in the sand. Bullets whistle around
I'm made out of steel
I breathe 900 rounds a minute
Machinery of pain
Born from hatred to kill
Blood splashes up against the wall
Screams fading in echoes
The barrels changed every minute
Exhausted from killing


Blindfolding your awareness,
For we are present
Deception lies in our nature,
For you won't see
We've twisted your minds
And broken your tongue
It's not us who are slaves,
But you who are the enslaved
We have bombed your houses,
Raped the weak
The eyes of Zion.
The elder ones aflame with unbelief
The fallen glory has opened your eyes,
And many wounds
Debris in your hands from the land,
Defeated by


Like a cloud gathered it comes from above,
Blown by the wind in my direction
The very first gasp inhales a fire,
Telling the tale of the unconsciousness ones
I am loosing my sight while my scent disappears,
Only the smell of blood remains
I can't hear a thing anymore,
My limbs are feeling numb and lifeless to the bone
Caged inside this body the cloud waves over never to return again,
... But what is left of me ? But what is left of me ?... Of me ?
Eyes are watching me and trying to communicate,
But I can't reply to their needs
Something was taken from me within a glimpse,
My nerves have fallen asleep
Years are passing by, imprisoned for life,
The gas inside has eaten my senses and sanity
The raging battle still roars a war which has never ended,
I only ask you for this one favor
Step aside your ethics and take me to my last will,
Back there that once was...
But what was left of me ?... Of me ?


Warfare machines
Killing spree
Witness the mad
Hatred infested
Tomorrow in flames
Morphium eyes
Witness the mad
Hanging west...

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