Deinonychus : Ark of Thought

Doom Black / Netherlands
(1997 - Supernal Music)



A faint taste of my blood hangs heavy in the
And of Chrysanthemums in bloom
In honour of the long dead souls at rest
The shadows cast an eerie light upon the stone

Heavy is my heart from the loss
Weeping I lay down upon the ground
The cool night air sets the mood so distant
Hours and hours I pray, do my cries fall upon
deaf ears
Dawn is so far, I cannot hold on

Staid am I, I fell nothing, nothing
How long can I hold onto this dream of ours
Long suffered in melancholy
Forever is a mere second in dead tongue
For the light has dimmed and hours passed

My dress is torn from my constant madness
This life is too cruel and unbearable
Why wait to be spirited to death
I kiss at your feet to stay with me
I hear the beating of my own heart

Can you feel my love for you
I've long tired of the lies
And thrust me into the arms of dead lovers
The throes of ecstasy will not last
So as the grave fades, so does life eternal

Dawn is creeping into the night's sullen
Time has come to say our last goodbye
And do not weep for me, I shall not weep for
Then how is your face stained with tears
For the night has passed

If you must leave me now, tell me your heart
The truth will haunt us
And I no longer wish to remember the hurt
Then kiss me goodbye and be on your way
And free from your guilt, never...


There, where I returned, a time of unrelenting
Magicians clouded wisdom, revering names in
solemn books.
A gust from an obscured epoch, when fear caged
the hearts of men;
With a dagger in my hand, menace soaks the

Dreamt glimpses of encrypted memories:
A journey far from here;
Am I you, who knows of my damned soil?

Later on they found me, all life drained, my
eyes wide open.

Flowers on the tomb remind of life eternal;
Devolved to me, the wisdom of recondit
Dreaming of pure damnation...I remember...


From the crypts of time it hounds me...
An answer would cease this barren fight.
The stars pierce the vault of night, my path
estranged from time.
The slumber of twilight tantalises my vision;
I shall await my sun as the Above has told.

Floundering oblivion, hundering the vanished
Yet wisdom eludes.
God; who is God? Is He the one who keeps all
the answers from me?
The slumber of twilight tantalises my vision;
I still await my sun as the Above has told.


Like thousands of ripples in the ocean,
thousands and thousands of ripples
Or a ight full with burning stars, burning
bright with the fires of the sky
I see an unhappiness in your eyes, always in
the eyes lies the truth
The loneliness in your voice, on the verge of
Even across vast amounts of time, even without
the use of time
I know you all too well
And I know that without you, I'm in my own
self-made hell

If I threw a single coin into these oceans,
one single coin
Would it take forever for the wves to reach
you, and drown you in their volume,
Tears descend everytime I look out unto the
night, and lay waste on my tongue
And to think somewhere you are looking out
unto this same night, with another by your
No matter how many times I cut into myself,
deeper and deeper I cut
No amounts of blood can stop my hurt
So I just look back out at the night

Even the pleasure of orgasmic rush, the
screams of absolute pleasure
Can no longer bury the dulled pain in my
heart, and wash away the grief
This tired and weary heart, burned away by the
I just want to rush out into your arms, but
the embrace would deem so cold now
But dont have the strength, this mass ocean
keeps us far apart,
And again, I must pull myself out of

Many, many times I see your face, as if
spinning in a dream
Deep in though of your hateful love, blind was
I to it
But when I try to grasp you, you fade away,
just like a dream
And your laughter echoes in my mind, they're
all laughing
And across these oceans, I can still hear you
And I fall to my knees to cover my ears from
the laughing

Just like a thousand ripples in the ocean,
thousands and thousands of ripples
And a night sky satiated with burning stars,
burning bright with the fires of the sky
I see pools of unhappiness in your eyes,
allways in the eyes lies the truth
You can tell me no more lies, yet you keep
telling me lies
As they wont reach me anymore
They could never reach across these oceans of

So dont tell me that you don't love me
anymore, yet don't tell me
that you love me either...


Spawn of grand whore
It is no surprise that I sow such twilight
The raping of your children and the...
I see of course as a gift to me.

The withering of mirth marks my path,
or I am the end of all ends.

The slaves of heaven who crave for redemption
Shall rewrite their books as I become their
Monuments of faith anchor me to eternity;
From the cradle of time they knew I had come
to stay

Your ruinous creed has named me the evil in,
There is no one more blind than he who doesn't
want to see.


Hovering the incidence of humanity
I have been elected the foe of your virtues
As I claw at your soul, devouring my way
Your flesh amasses corruption's hoard.

What once enthralled has become different
during this time.
Is this all I was destined for, being a
useless whore?
The love I hunger for...Oh, I envy you of
Listlessness ensues the wasteful bliss
Of this whimsical destruction
I hate you...Leviathan.

Please show me the way...
I am not much different from you
Forgive me my sins...
I will repay the pain I have given you.
But please show me the way...


Let mother nature sweep me up in her infinite
Let her carry my burden, this sorrowful dirge
is to comfort her
Her sweet night lullaby will sooth my sadness
And I'll dream the passions once again, for
all my dreams are but of her
And let the moon reside over us tonight, like
embracing lovers
Its gentle solace warms me with its light
As giant trees shed their tears before my
path, soft colours of cool Autumn nights
And I walk upon the thorns of roses spread
along my path
Blood leaves the innocence far behind and lets
the corrupt aggrandise
Tread this bloodiest path, and you'll taste
her infinite love
Into the arms of mother nature and time

Her feminine beauty surrounds us at all times,
her hate is all I seek
And sheathed are those who are blind to her
darkness, her hate is her love
She is always crying out for her children, yet
our concious minds cannot hear her cries
My concupiscence for her is great

I am truly one of her cult, a spitual one
Whose heart rests in melancholy...Forever, the
word itself is etched in my skin
My feet are bloody from walking this path
My face hardened from all my loss
And my tears long dried up, and no more tears
will I shed
I just keep walking in the night, searching,
for knowledge is the key to her wisdom
Into the arms of mother nature and time beyond

I bury myself deep in her bossom
And hold on all throughout the long night
Whilst the chorus of nature lulls me into
sleep, and into dreams of the sullen
I'm so tired, tired of being alone
I cry out to let her know of my desire, she
will answer my call
To pass through into the dismal gloom of death
She will taste my blood tonight, the sweet
taste of my blood

The hour of my demise has come, the final hour
And the sun is close to dawning
I walk along the path, weary and my feet
bloodied and sore,
from the fragrant rose thorns underfoot
Deep into the woods
I take the knife and hold it out before my
eyes, the gleam from the blade is frightening
And say my last goodbye, I'm coming.
I cut deep into my flesh and watch the blood
run forth from my wounds
And fall to my knees when I see the light, the
final light before the darkness
And I know, I am one with her, my mother
And I shall go now, into the arms of mother
nature and time beyond...