Deferum Sacrum : Septicaemia

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I belch forth my bloody vomit
Straight your agonizing faces
Hatred I exhale
Covers your skin with boiling ulcer
Pathogenic wrath overwhelms me
Rabid pulse tears my veins
I step back into light
Like spoiled prism I refract vital vibrations
I confuse it’s amplitude
I ensnare it’s my contagion
Foreign it to spread
My leprous blood

Heal me! And I’ll give you metastasis
I am cureless disease
And when you will hear my heavy tread
Know, I come to drive you to the grave
Cry in pain
I enjoy your screams
My vengeance has begun
Contempt to all alive
Driven by destructive instincts
Meeting no more inner barriers
Nothing can withstand against
The superior firepower of my sick desire


Pressed down to the ground
With blood-stained legs

Write with pain
With gratitude licking its suppuration
Freedom exchanged
For the rules, for right
To scrape off the filth of existence
Follow the fallen!
Join the Crawl!
Think on command!
Troops of the groveling puppets
Follow the faceless leaders
That escorting you to shooting execution
Follow the fallen!
Join the Crawl!

By pitiful speech of fallen in rapture
You gulp down the blood
Of rotten gods
Resurrecting the ashes
Worshiping to corruption
In the rush for attaining perfection you forgot
You’re already dead
Humiliation your revere
Like sluts tremble over the money
Dissolving in mass
Crawl deify marchers


I hear a chant of Evil

No one stands upon me
No one breathers the same freedom

I swore to Evil

Freedom to the left hand
Barbed wire in right
Halo of meanness rounds my heart
Receptacle of spirit is filled with cold
Dancing on the grave of mercy
I drive nails in compassion
I mix up wind of hope with a cemetery stench
I thrust my fangs in corpse of virtue
Desecrating smouldering ruins
I clear a place for Evil birth
Hand in hand with immortality
I trample down through eternal flames of nether

Flow the slowest poison
I ride on your waves
Bring death, bring grief
Bring tears
Which I will enjoy


Give oneself up
Without fear
Into loving embrace
Of solicitous father

He will grant you with guilt
He will offer repent

Hunched under weight of cross
Heading straight to your own Golgotha
Dirty mobs are proving their fit
Easy way of sterilization
Beat forehead with the stone
Carry a mental sterility
Endeavour and get the reward
Fanatical joy of emasculation

Gregarious hierarchy hidden in icons
With leader, who suffers a sexual weakness
Prove your fit for his rows
Take a gift of sterilization
Proud! You’ve been blessed with emasculating
Touch of God


Pretenders will fail
Substitute of perfection
Is sentenced to death

Wires twined round necks
Skin comes off from a heart
Target is set
Time to eradicate
Smell of mankind

Steel against flesh
Merciless extermination

Human mistake must be erased

Stainless beasts are fruits
Of sick imagination
Groan of street is proclamation of war
Programmed to kill
They follow instructions
Reproduction of humans
Will be interrupted

Hatred charge turned them to life
Poisonous oil streams from mechanical wounds
Paradise is ablaze
Children of progress will prevail upon the crown


Sleeping hearth of disaster has awoken
Illness set free from burial-mounds
Their harvest has begun
They’ll proceed till
Their hunger won’t be satisfied

Tongues of fire burn down hives
Plague raging in the wind
Till last convulsion won’t sink
Till last tear won’t evaporate
The flame of extinction shall burn

Higher and higher

Till death will fuel fire
All shall fade

Rise boundless ire of hell
Rise sepulchral breath
Rise for final revelation
Rise for last carnival




Stupefied and distorted perception
Bliss has hardened in eyes
Crippled souls have been prepared
To absorb an artificial will

Smell of holy carrion
Greedily inhaled
And exhausted masses
Are beginning to hallucinate

Hymn of saint vanity
Sounds from the bells
Divine lash of suppression
Licks devoted bones
Laudation of lies

Under siege of the signs –
The tools of control
Freedom nailed to cross
Misled posthumous reward

Tireless eyes always searching for a prey
Inspiring fear, inspiring lies
Hope is possession
The illusion of god transforms to overdose

Stupefied and distorted perception
Bliss has hardened in eyes
Exhausted masses
Never see they are crucified

Sprouted avid roots in millennial rot
Faultless splendor covers carnal stench
Triumph over the mind

Under siege of the signs –
The tools of control
Centuries polished craft to multiply
Numbers of the possessed

Faith is mass supression

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