Crimson Tears : Snowfall

Gothic Metal / Finland
(2000 - Self-Produced)
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A new world opens before my eyes
As I open the door
The moment I have waited
For so long, for too long

Time is passing by
It's ticking away so fast
But that moment will last forever
As I stand there all alone

Snowfall- it takes me back to you
Snowfall- it gives me a reason to live

Every winter I lay on the snow
Hearing nothing but the silent wind
as it blows to my face
whispering the answers

I stare into the everlasting sky
Searching something to show me the way
For tomorrow
It is all so clear


Mending my heart is something you could never do
It's been broken for so many times
We always knew that someday I would have to go
Still you're begging me to stay by your side

Before the dawn I will be gone
In your eyes I see the pain
The tears will vanish in the rain
Now I'm singing this bitter-sweet song to you
As our candle couldn't stand the wind
You gave me something to remember
But you couldn't find the key to my heart


I'm on an endless run, running away from what I am
Knowing I can never turn around and face the shadows of my past
It is a burden too heavy for me and it's tearing my soul apart
I'm begging for a new beginning, another chance for me
I dream of a new morning, a day with out the pain
I don't want these scars, I don't want to carry them with me to grave.
It's just too hard for me to learn how to live with the past
I'm fearing that no-one can break these chains and set me free again

I'm looking for someone to give me
I'm running away to find me
I'm waiting for you to bring me
The season of floods


Those days don't seem that far away
I remember everything, it feels like yesterday
I still believed in love, in love and innocence
There was a lesson for me, I had to learn
You're bending the truth again
Oh yeah, can't you see

I put all my faith in you, and what did I get
Nothing but pain and sorrow, was all you gave to me
I can't tell how I believed in all those lies
Over and over again, oh how blind I was

So many times I had made up my mind
I had decided that, we were through
But what could I do, when you came to me
With tears in your eyes, I couldn't turn away


I see my face in a shattered mirror
As I stand in a cold dark room
Strange eyes are staring me from the shadows
I must be heading to my doom
Let go of me, just back away and go
Let go of me, take all the memories with you
Let go of me, give back my piece of mind
Let go of me, so I can live my life again!

In this room there's no way out
Believe me, I can tell
I try to reach for a helping hand
But I'm forced to live in this hell

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