Catharsis (USA-1) : Passion...

Crust / USA
(1999 - Crimeth Inc.)
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Some are born to wander blind
And some are born to endless night
But not this one!
Feeling our youth go through our fingers
Like a razor to the bone
Let's burn the dry brush of our hearts
And fill them with song once more
Deserts without mirages
Generations without rain
Let's shoot like rockets through the sky
And leave this
world in flames.


To sow seeds in barren fields
If there's no more fertile ground
To bear the fragile worlds within
Through the ruined one that surrounds
Break the shackles of my past
Give me precious things that do not last
(and succor for the homeless ones
bring fire down on Babylon)
Heal and destroy
Lift me up
Bring it down
And we may suffer
And we must die
And we may suffer
And we may die...

Come weary child:
You've reached the stars
But you did not move them
Now it's time to cut out your heart
And be a God in the kingdom of the dead
Or to raise your face
And make them move
And you may suffer
And you may die
You will suffer
And you may die

So sing now:
I'll be your eyes if you won't see,
I'll be your heart if you can't feel
Now we'll see who burns the brightest
The brightest of them all.

Send me their sons and prodigal daughters
Render up to me their lost and stray
Give life to our dances, flight to our fancies
Give me courage for my passions and my pain
And this will be my art:
(to feel alive)
Break my heart
Sell my body or my soul
Spite their laws
Fight the odds
Smite the gods
Starve myself
Freeze myself
Burn myself
Kill myself
Kill myself
To feel...

Nail me to you
I will ride you like a nightmare
I will drive you past all love or pain or fear
I will escort you to the end
Take me inside you
I'll be the master in your mirror
I will drive you until everything else disappears
I'll be with you to the end.

Everything you want to feel.
Everything you want to taste.


For you who choose bondage, the world is a cage
Paralyzed under their gaze
These scraps of self, they're not enough
But they're all that I could steal
It's easier for you, you don't fucking feel
Do you?

Subjugate our nightmares, bend them to their ends
And they offer to share the dividends?
A place in the shadow of the great guillotine.

And are you blessed in these days of lifelessness?
I'm choking on the rim of your righteousness
Staring through the bars at the worlds we'll never know
Lost in the city, the beaten crowds
Those around you gagged and bound
in Panoptikon
Defined by confines, condemned to these lives
No secret's safe from their eyes
But what goes on in our minds goes on in your hearts
Denied all creation, destruction is our bitter art
We'll slip through the cracks, we're not afraid
For every bent knee too shall break
We'll dance in the shadow of the great guillotine
That does it's rythmic work
On each and every unbowed head
One by one by one.

Are you too the sacred and the clean?
One day we'll rise to mount the skies
And tear your god's towers down.

(death throes)
In the death rows of this machine
No freedom here, living in fear
Until every wheel stops turning
Until every channel goes dead
Until every light goes out
Until every city is burning
Then we'll see some freedom!


(Walking on the water in a sea of despair
by night we slept in vans speeding across countrysides
the earth spinning so quickly beneath us that we could feel it rumbling through the floor boards trying to keep ahead of it trying outrun the...hands)


He survived but his destiny burned off in the blast
Disillusion tore off his wings, and when he stepped outside
Into childhood's end, and the moon was so bright
It looked like a white hole punched through the cape of night
But from that moment forth a moon was just a moon and a star was just a star
And nothing more...
And the morning came, and the sun did rise
But he was trapped in the corridors where it spent the night
And he could not, or he would not hear our cries

Take everything, break everything, fake everything, fuck everything
It's all nothing if you want, but that's not what I want
I'd give anything to see you feel again once more

Stand alone
Beside you
Listening for a sign of life inside you
Suffering some gift of God
Pursuing, haunting you
Yes, life is sour when you hit the ground
Moments wasted, love gone foul
However sweet the fruit, the prickly skin, the bitter core
And nausea for dessert

Take everything, break everything, fake everything, fuck everything
When you've been broken, you've been brought low
You want to smash everything, those who still care most of all
And I see the witches burning in your eyes
But they're not the ones who sold you these lies
We're not the ones who bound your hands and turned the spears in your side

(may the kings all drown in their blood of their conquests
May the flags all die at the top of their poles
May the gluttons be impaled upon the ribs of the starving
And the priests all sell their souls
May the dreamers all awaken in a world that is empty
May the lovers betray and be betrayed
May the poets all choke on their sweet lies
And bow down before their fates
May the seekers wander lost through the valleys and the deserts
And lay down to sleep upon stones
May the sick flourish and the healthy be afflicted
And may rats fight over the bones
May hate rule pitilessly over the world of the damned
Where rivers cease to run
Let the sun set forever on this broken heartland
Let the kingdom come)

Bring me hearts i'll break them
Give me poisons i'll take them
If i could trade this ache
For indifference
All fucked up with bitterness
All fucked up

Take everything, break everything, fake everything, fuck everything
Heart as black as sun
On the day that will come when it never rises again
And where do you go when you've lost your way?
Inside, and everywhere you turn it's the same
Where do you go when there's no where to go?
You froze in your tracks, something broke and you
Gave up

If you want to live then live
Dance sing scream until your lungs bleed
Lift us up, lift us up
And if you want to die, die then
Plunge deep into hell
With me clasped tight in your embrace
And well make an end to all this...

But you dont want to live or die, do you?

And it makes me want to cry
An ocean of tears to flow through these filthy streets
Stained with so many years
Of smothered hopes and desired denied
The faceless masses, paralyzed
To drown all we are, all we've ever been
Better cease to exist, than endure like this
And set you free
You and all your kind
To be free in death, if not in life
But the rest is secrets, silence now
If night has fallen, sleep well
The rest is silence, sleep well
If night has fallen, sleep well
Sleep well


Severed, bowed, soul-deviled, and you'll find:
Don't think I've ever got it right
Another threshold of pain, like every inch of my life
All this means nothing, through there:

Ours is to suffer
Wanted more than this world could hold
In the shadow of a beauty
That we could never ever know


Black, bitter milk we drink in toast to the dawn
In huddled silence as a long night falls
We write love upon the bodies of our dead
Swallow pride and venom for our daily bread

Wash your conscience in the tears of men who rape
Trace your pleasures in the outlines of pain
You speak of laws and rights in this day and age?
I don't believe in anything I can't taste

And tonight the losers sleep, or lie away and gnaw their wrists
Crippled dancers, beaten heroes, squandered artists
Refugees from those wretched lands
Where dreams died like lovers in our hands
While outside in that new age
Lost children and devils play
On the very doorsteps of our homes
New deities sworn in
Consuming from without and from within
Cleanse the land down to bare and blackened bones
Make ready ten billion beds in hell
For we're all coming soon

And in this noise, the dreadful silence of tongues
Tied by words never spoken, songs left unsung
Vows that were bent rather than broken
Locked chambers that will never open
And none on earth will ever get what they want
And that is beautiful, or close enough
And we'll clutch our regrets
Shut out the rest
Cut out the hearts from our chests
And we move
Eyes shut, silent, hand-in-hand
Towards a broken, promised land

When those before you lost their heads upon the block
Or sold themselves into the service of the
Snakes as new gods
Reshape the world in their own image
And all the others turn their eyes away
We will set out with a fire in our hearts
With a desire that cannot be bought
To snatch the morning from the jaws of the night
To take the dead and bring them back to life

No words
No touch
No sleep
No trust
No hope
No faith
No resting place

From childhood schemes on strangers' floors
To sickbeds, cells
And foreign shores
Less and
Less and

And if the morning comes late this time
The fickle sun will rise to find
My fingers clutched tight around the husks
Of dreams I built from dust

"He's coming! Now, he's coming!"

Finally dead
Dead in the land of the dead
And they will call it suicide
As I scream for just one finger of dawn
And it's coming...
On all horizons, like gathering clouds
Bar the door to shut it out
Be put your ear to your chest
You will hear
In your own breast
Closing in

This world is an evil place

(and there's nothing pure in this place
And there's nothing clean in this place
And there's nothing sure in this place
And there's nothing free in this place
And in this world there's nothig safe
And in this world there's nothing fair
And nothing in this world is true
This world that I can't bear
And the morning came late)

Sometimes I feel this world is an evil place

I'll spit it back in your face,
Last-born of an evil race (of a dying race)
We're all evil in this place
Just fucking give me a taste


This car is on fire and there's no one at the wheel
And no one tries to put on the brakes at all
We're trapped in the belly of this sick machine
The radiator smoking, there's no air to breathe
And no-one tries to put on the brakes at all

One by one like stars from the sky, they fell
And everyone turned their backs, wondering to themselves
I'm on a strange journey, I didn't choose to take
Where I am going I don't want to think
But no-one tried to put on the brakes at all

Your final breath will be an easter wind
To blow through the valley of death that we've carved in this land
We're accomplices all
It's all beyond our control
We're so innocent when the hammer falls
And nobody tries
Nobody tries
No one even fucking tries!

Accelerating through industrial haze
Past the death camps ad the marketplace we've lost our way
I hope we burn up in the wreckage
Rather than live another day in vain,
in a world without frontiers
We're server our just desserts:
Just deserts in burning thirst
And no-one tries to put out the flames at all.


Dance around the fires of a world spinning down
Dance in the flames of a world burning down

(poison-overcast moon, watch over us in these last days
As we descend to the lowest circle insane
Until we reach the final station of the cross
Where faceless dancers whirl
A fragile movement, a step, dancing) the flames of a world burning down

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