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Crossover Cadaveres De Tortugas Incarnation
Album, Released date : 2002 - Metal Blade Records
Style: Crossover

RATING : 14/20
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1. Panic@Tech
2. Castaway
3. Wardance
4. Password:Showdown
5. Timetrap
6. Vuetro
7. Dial 666
8. Syco I
9. Ánima
10. Eso es

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1 ratings 1 14/20

You don't refuse the new ideas
But close them into a ghetto
Put chains to the open-minded
Give free way to the terror

Mechanical humanoid nation
Is the solution to your problems
Kill my soul, kill my mind, kill my
Feelings to stop my resistance

I'm not a part of your program
I'm gonna be the error in the system
I won't be a part of your program
I'm gonna be the error in the system

Machines won't fight against you
More technology than human
Put gun in the hand of killers
They want fight so show them where they can

I don't need my name anymore
Instead of it give me a number
One in a million, faceless item
I'm your puppet; please be my master


Vortex motion be my temper
I can feel them coming closer
Cosmic hunters chose their victim
Close to the trap where I am in

Danger for the chaos system
Coming closer I can feel them
Liquid noise sounds so inhuman
Whispering outer space anthem

I'm a castaway
That's not my place to stay
I wanna find my
Home where I'm from
Help me fly away

Starring eyes I can't wait longer
I can feel them coming closer
Increasing light shows when I turn
Open mind - blurred body pattern

Floating parts of an ex-human
You don't know who I really am
Danger for the chaos system
I come closer I come with them


My question is simple: with me or versus me
My body's with me - my soul is my enemy

We dance together on the last night
As evil and good collide in my mind
Closed in a circle like blood in vein
I can't runaway and it makes me insane

Pain in my lying sins
Fear in my true belief

There's a forever storm inside
Let me go or my soul tears apart
I'm divided into wrong and right
I hate this fight I lose my mind

I'm only a tool (of life)
In the hand of destiny
I personify (its plans)
He'll kill me as he'll be ready

I play - you dance
You play - I dance
He plays - we all dance
You can't get - I can't get
We can't get out of control

On the last page in the book of life
I dance with you whose face is mine

Dead souls invite us for guests
On their faces there is blood and rest
Closed in a circle like blood in vein
I can't runaway and it makes me insane

Inside me thousands of demons
They don't let me rest in peace

I'm divided into wrong and right
I hate this fight I lose my mind
Drag me left and right, they mangle me
Please set me free, they're killing me


I'm sitting in a warm soft cradle
I watch myself in the distance
My joy-flow becomes a deformed smile
As recognition breaks my staidness

Stroking wind rises, shapes a funnel
And takes me to another place
Light lifts me up from depth
But darkness numbs me on the surface

Never never ever wake me up
From my dream

My body is choking in its sweat
Everything prompts this idyll is fake
Time slows down and gets off again
Climbes up on my legs like a snake

Adrenaline-dope excites wish of life
But the reality shackle binds me tight
Wish of life pumps adrenaline-dope
Time just crawls and trails me slow

Never never ever wake me up
From my dream

Light tears me from depth away
The views before my eyes brightens
I'm melted in the reality dimension
As recognition breaks my staidness

5. U.B.Q.T.



Closer, one step closer
One step closer to me
Show yourself, your real face
It's time to clear who'd you be
I wanna know what can you say
Reasons are what I wanna hear
Speak about you, about your life
That relegated me

Away, go to hell away
Don't wanna control me
You try to make me blind
But you lie to me I see
I got truth on my side
And I do what I like
That's all I can say
Go to hell away

Don't wanna judge me
Don't judge me
Don't wanna bind me
I can't live that way

Closer, one step closer
Try to tell some more
You can't... than give up my friend
That's the only solution I know

You can't break me - I can't change
You know you came too late
That's my world, you've got no place here
Just go to hell away


Estamos aqui por elegir
Una posibilidad, guerra
Pacifica por la libertad
Hay una sola regla: en voz alta

Vamos juntos adelante
Ya no venceremos
Ya no es nuestro fin
El fin justifica los medios

These are us, this is yours
Vuetro / De Suyo

Nuestros medios se hicieron el fin
No necesitamos tu dinero
Ni tu alma, ni tu vida
El ruido rompe el silencio

Es lo esencial
Que te sientas bien
Entrégate a la música
La música te lleva lejos

8. DIAL 666

Sometimes I feel I'm not the same
All alone in the hall of shame
Don't ever want to be
The one who I have to be

Don't wake 'em up inside me
Don't let 'em out of me
If you want to taste how I feel
Dial the number of fear

Use it but never get used to it
If you get used to
You will be used by
(Dial my number)
(Dial the number of fear)

Enjoy with me these uncertain moments
Of life - come and turn into nonsense
Step out of body through your mind-borders
Feed carefully my inner sleeping monsters


I am turned
I am turned to my real self
I know my fate
My fate is what I accept
The imminent end,
Trust in the eternal faith
It made me who I am
I don't fear to pass away

I don't need your laws anymore
I write the rules of my game
Driven by my instincts
I'll always find the straight way

Ask me: who am I?
Look me in the eye
It won't tell a lie

My life - that's all I've got
My fate - is in my blood
Sometimes it lets me left behind
Sometimes it makes from us a tribe

In my skin
You can see: my past is scratched
To face the fear
My rebell pride always helped
You let your envy
Turn to hate and control you
It will ruin everything
That's what it will do

Your fucked up life turns you against me
But we've got the same blood in our veins
Would I be different? Less than you?
No, we are the same


If you get to know
The deepest feeling
You'll know well what pain means
When it's about real
Inner suffering
That bothers you 'til you're down on
your knees
It hurts to lose someone
But on the day of reckoning
I'll be right if the fire lives on in me

The one who gives me faith
I'm gonna get power
I'm gonna get a friend inside
The one who helps me
To find the right way
The one who surely stands on my side
Beside him in the night
Thousands of souls
Are shining bright

So I cry up to the sky
I cry up to the sky

You lead me
Oh so far away
Hand in hand, entwined
But the road
Came to an end for me
All that dwells in the present time
From the distant sky
I hear you quiet, I see you light

I can go no farther
Just walk alone
To the place where silence borns
Big companion
Yet big solitude
And sorrow is yet more and more
Everything disappears slowly
Well-known faces are greeting me
As I reach the end of my road

At the gates of another world
At the gates of another world



12. ESO ES

Tú me muestras El camino
Un poder autoritativo
Me conduces adelante O me desvias
Mi decisión es la resistencia

La decisión es mía Sólo la mía
No te creo La decisión es mía
Quitate de mi vida Se me abren los ojos
Se te acerca el destino Más y más ojos abiertos

Eso es

Tu ley es El poder y el dinero
El dinero te maneja Pero el poder está conmigo
Mi idea, mi esperanza Es la independencia
Mi decisión es la resistencia

La decisión es mía Sólo la mía
No te creo La decisión es mía
Quitate de mi vida Se me abren los ojos
Se te acerca el destino Más y más ojos abiertos

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