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Bloodthorn In the Shadow of Your Black Wings
Album, Erscheinungsdatum : 13 Oktober 1997 - Season Of Mist
Style: Melodic Black
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Bewertung SOM : 15/20
Allen Bewertungen : 16/20 Um eine Bewertung für das Album abzugeben mußt Du eingeloggt sein
1. The Embodied Core of Darkness 07:34
2. Breeding the Evil Inside 09:26
3. March to War 08:21
4. Scarred Lands 11:28
5. Nightshadow 12:02
6. Clouds of Sadness 02:09
7. ...With a Bloodstained Axe 05:17
Total playing time 55:37

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22 ratings 1 16/20

This is the last time...
The last time I watch the sun rise to blind my eyes
Tonight the dark sky is my roof
And all misty fields my floor
I have found my place to be
By your side; in your arms
You're my bride - I'll die for you
Eosophobic wedlock - forever by your side
I won live to bid you farwell
You're the embodied core of darkness
Pure beauty dressed in black
I feel you are a part of me
Thus I a part of you
Never again shall the light of the day
Come between us and tear us apart
You're the heart of night
And now my heart is yours
Seductive Noctil'uca
Your eyes have never seen the sun


Drops of new gleaming
In the flesh new morning light
My body cold and trembling
I've left the safty of the night
I sit here on the ground
By my side there lies a knife
I was her fault, I'm not to blame
I have to take her life
My tearwet eyes won't focus
And neither will my head
I just sit here in the silence
Nothing lives here - all is dead
These feelings born inside
A new side of me is born
For ever face I see
I feel such raging scorn
When you took my life away
It gave you a new vision
I planted a seed
It gave you a mission
From beside the lifless flesh
I pick up my bloody knife
I wander into a new day
Prepeared to take another life


Soon shall the sun rise to morning
In glorious northen light
Gods of darkness grant me wisdom
And let the wisdom victor me
March to war!
When the doom is full of sorrow
When the stone is covered with blood
When the winds cry out their wisdom
When the spirits call the dead
When the sun is sunk in slumber
When the moon shines through the light
March to war!
I fear no death, nor the bravest man
Lightning, thunder, tempest, storm
Join me on my march to war
I've fought through the fiery furnace
Through murky Deaths' darkest fields
If the Gods would see me die
I welcome you Death -
When I'm doomed to die...


The night all winds were still
And silence lay weightly on the soil
By a water sat a voiceless man
Alone by the moonlit mirror
He looked to the horizon with a mournful heart
In remembrance of what had been
Still he could sence the smoke
Of the countless pyres by the stone
He let his hands carees the black ground
Among this urn's' dark ashes lies memories of past times hidden
Ruins of the times gone by
Once all this was his...
His name had been carved in stone
His image bore into battle
But his men were defeated
And his temple burned...
This mournful man keep silent
For the faith in him is gone
And the land he fought to defend
Has withered in his abscense
But still some hearts burn with rage
For the desecration of this land
Some praise his name at night,
Some hail his image high...
And the man knows:
No lost battle will be forgotten
In this timeless war
His name had been carved in stone
His image bore into battle
But his men were defeated
And his temple burned...
This mournful man keep silent
For the faith in him is gone
And the land he fought to defend
Has withered in his abscense


The cold misty veil of frost
Shadow eternal call
The shapeless twisted darkness
With Aurora Borealis illuminates the northen soil
Among mighty forests
Hills and mountains mightier than
The words of gods - here lies the path
The path to the nightshadow
Through the moonblue night
The dim and dusky light
The nightshadow crawling hunger
A key to the abyss
Here - in the majestic north
Here - the woe of frost
By the bestial might of the mountains
Here - I shall walk as a sheep
To the lair of the wolf
Into infinity
Night call, shadow fall
Unexplored visions in my innermost thoughts
Beasts howls in the ecstasy of hate
The dark tempts me out this night
Summons me to the horrid hate
Such silence - such liberating silence
Here I shall rest throughout eternity
Here - in the shadow of your black wings' embrace


Lost in enchanted woods
I can't find the path
My ancestors so solemnly found
Lost in darkness
Afraid without hope
In the sacred forbidden forest
Where sad dreams blow through dark trees
The silence cry out thy name
Clouds of sadness
Begin to rain
I float on the water
Night is so dark
Love is gone
Light is gone
Come dark
Come evil
Come hell


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