Blood For Blood : Hurt You

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So I hate you
Much resentment and pain just drains
So I revel alone in the madness inside my brain
I tell you now I don't know how
I don't feel these metal wounds within
Will never heal
My deal was to be alone
That ain't as sad as the fact of being bad
This world's gone mad to the chaos we add
Listen up to what I'm about to say
You preach peace stop the hate
Useless youth feels only
Frustration rising inside inside
Hate still burning inside inside
Chaos will hit you in your face
Chaos in your face
Chaos in your face
Life on the streets is rough
Right or wrong you must be tough
Crime seems like the only way
Down the wrong path you'll become a prey
Chaos in your face
Chaos in your face
Chaos runs wild on the streets
A large part of Me's defeat
Major cause of our downfall
Something I can't ignore
Sometimes I imagine what I'm going to see
Troubles and turmoils fate's got a hold on me
Fuck that
Chaos in your face
Chaos in your face
This time you've gone too far
Sentiments there are no more
This ends justify my means
This ends in that which I believe
I clench my fist to you
I'm right here
What you gonna do
You ain't tough You ain't nothing punk
So let's throw down and show what you got


Who the fuck do you think you are
You've taken this a bit too far
Believing you're king shit
In your fake fantasy
A clown dress to impress
Soft core, Mickey Mouse and nothing less
Exposing you will make me rest
Until then remember you're
A bullshit fake Paper Gangster
You ain't nothing but an image and a liar
A bullshit fake Paper Gangster
Softcore motherfucker
Could it be you're really not from the streets
Could it be you saw it on TV
The way you act where I come from
You'd never last
Could it be you're lying through your teeth
Once a long time ago
I was naive to all I know
People tried to push onto me
Their week mentality
I woke up to and I know
I am real and not for show
Unlike you who knows inside
You're soft because
A bullshit fake Paper Gangster
You ain't nothing but an image and a liar
A bullshit fake Paper Gangster
A Punk Ass motherfucker
The life I've lived the pain I've felt
With such things you never dealt
So to me you are a maggot
So when you go and outcast me
And I can't do a fuckin thing
Know that I know inside
You're weak


You'll never know the hate that I've known
Though you'll pretend that you hear
You're privileged You could never understand
So I will hurt you and you'll see
Desperate indignant with life's how I feel
Struggling to cope with it
Can't let them break my beliefs
Try hard (but. must realize
Life is just passing me by
Nothing comes easy in this world
Uphill battles ahead
Must correct the gross misuse
Of justice and liberty
We must stand up before it's too late
While they bitch and moan and say
That it offends them or someone else
Then we'll become a silent tolerate state
The want to better our way of life
To accept and not to question it
They say that's the way it should be
I think therefore I disagree
Anything I say is wrong
What they decide is what it must be
The sheep are quick to believe
My hate no one can take that from me
Anger the pain the strain
Brewing to explode
Anger the pain the strain
I look towards the future and see
That there's nothing set aside there for me
But a lonely death
With no one to mourn for my passing
Because I'll be another rebel dead
That made no difference in this nation
That doesn't like to hear the truth
Which is
Anger the pain the strain
I'll leave a fuckin scare
Anger the pain the strain
In this elitist life
Anger the pain the strain
In this elitist life
Anger the pain the strain
Cause my hate will overcome
Anything that ever stands in my way
Blinded why can't you see what I mean
The writing is on the wall
Open your eyes to the truth
Open your eyes to my truth
Open your eyes to my hate


What you see is what you get
What you said ain't always what you meant
Things were said and things were done
But in the end who turned tail and run
You were so blind and you were riding so high
But you'll see my face alone when you cry
The tables have turned on you
Look inside yourself see the real you
I just want to hurt you
I just want to make you feel my pain
I am dying silently
I will lash out and make you see
Hear your laughter and watch your leisure
Bash your learning face to disfigure
Coming after you with a vengeance to stop
The resurgence of your failed devotions
Judge yourself before you judge me
You're no better than I am
You will see
A message toward your bleeding hearts
Get out our way before our hatred starts
The state, my state of mind is only hate
The hate that dwells inside of me is to infuriate
I can't begin to describe what's inside
I hide the fatal thoughts of final suicide
There's many things that I have to sort
Within my head
It's all the bullshit that as a kid I was fed
I can't tell who's real and who's fuckin fake
I take a breath before I seal your fuckin fate
I just want to hurt you
I just want to make you feel my pain
Look around you see the world decay
Can't you see that I don't see things
The same way that you do

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