Blackwind : Hatred

Black Metal / Canada
(2005 - Self-Released)
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Ravaged is life and crual is death.
It comes like it's always the end.
Always desolating, always sacrilagious
Pertinence is a word unknown to life.

Disrespect is a crime of life, I'll fight to death
Once upon this aberation I'll crawl back in solitude
Regardless of humankind I'll punish it through infinity
Conquering the shadows I'll show that fear isn't real

Human, pure being of sacrifice
Life, ravaged by reality
Death, perfect illusion
Nothing is life, nothing is death, am I here

Punish me so blood can flow, like at the end of time.
Violent me so my soul can laugh, let me see wrath.
Injure me so my body disapear, free at last
Remember me so I can haunt your endless night.


The emptyness of my world
The coldness of my loneliness
The taste of the dripping blood
The home of insanity

My life outside this world of sanity
Hate, sadness, black inner void
Of sweetness of hell I'm living
Of betrayal of God I'm killing

The Knife of dark eternity in my hand
The stab of cruelty, I cut the flesh
The glance of their damnation,
Alleviates my turmoil
I close my eyes, my only taste of sanity

Tonight the moon is floating
Another unknown life is ending
As I lick the dripping blood
I am the nightmare of my sanity
My insanity... sweet insanity


Built upon the ruins of the past
Where the sun don't last
On landscape of Nyark
Guilt and glitter left their marks

With madness and the sickness
There's life nonetheless
Toxic gas and dark clouds
This mystic haze covers the crowd

Empire of darkness

Rule, lead, destroy
That's what I'll do
Master of this mess
The king of flesh

Travellers among madmen won't go far
Those survivors of the ancient war
Hidden faces behind their mask
Ruled by orders, as they ask

Noble's mask covered with gem
Symbol of this realm
Striped from my dishonoured face
Punishement is on my pace

Oh Nyark
Don't strip me from my mask
Oh Nyark
I'll live beneath the masked...

The curse of Nyark


Cthulhu waits while dreaming !

Into the horizon of new born lives
The mighty black mountains of tales
The desolation of the ravaged land
Chaos, the home of the living plague

Awaiting the rising of the red sunrise
This world hidden from mortals eyes
Where depression rule
The nightmare of life
In the hands of chaos

The mutilated carcass of
Dead bodies hanging by their feet
Like dead fruits in the tree of cult

In the house of infernal abyss
The arising of instant death is awaiting

It's from there that the Christ
Learned his knowledge
From his master Satan
He was a student
He was in his duty to renew
The true nature being


Une société maudite par les riches
La corruption fait partit de l'éducation des enfants
Dans un monde où le pouvoir règne
Je crois tant à l'anéantissement de ce peuple
Tout comme le loup qui se rue sur sa proie
J'ai pris goût à haïr ces gens
À les renier, à les battre sauvagement
Sans pitié!!

Si j'avance, suivez-moi. Si je recule, tuez-moi. Si je meurs, vengez-moi

Nous vivons en retrait d'eux
Dans les bois ou les montagnes
Tout une armée nous batissons
Pour faire la guerre
Je jure que ces riches connaîtront la souffrance
La chaos, le désordre et la mort
Nous violerons leur femmes et tuerons leurs enfants
Pour en faire notre nourriture cet hiver

Si j'avance, suivez-moi. Si je recule, tuez-moi. Si je meurs, vengez-moi

Leur religion qui est si grotesque
Plusieurs crucifix de bois sont dans notre forêt
Des carcasses de leurs chefs politiques
Sont fait des os de leur chers défunts
Que nous avons pris temps de déterrer
Un par un, le soir de pleine lune
Nos putes chantaient des louanges à Satan
Et nous les avons tous fourré dans une orgie la plus totale

Si j'avance, suivez-moi. Si je recule, tuez-moi. Si je meurs, vengez-moi

Hier, en cette pleine lune
Les loups sont venus nous rendre visite
Une dernière fois avant le grand combat
Nous avons vaincu le vulnérable

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