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Black Death Aetherium (BEL) Circle With the End
Demo, data de lançamento : 2007 - Labo Records
Style: Black Death

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1. The Fallen Prince
2. Visions of (Dis-)Illusion
3. Drifting
4. Circle With the End

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Hollow your eyes
Hollow your soul
Hollow your bones
Hollow your skull

You are my fallen prince now
The more I adored you
The more I hated you afterwards
But now there is nothing left for me
Of your blackening embrace
I will tread my own paths now
And leave you miles behind
From here to eternity

I want to torture your soul
You want to torture my soul
Like you tortured mine
Like I tortured yours
I want you to burn
You want me to burn
In the flames of my hell
In the flames of your hell

You killed my passion
Distinguished my fire
You took me higher and higher
And then dropped me
From the highest cliff
Into an ocean of tears

Pull your hairs out, all of them
Stick your eyes out, both of them
I will rape you
Rip your nipples, both of them
Smash your balls, both of them
I will rape you

My soul, like a flower … withered
Drowning, in a flood of tears
As I cry now, for you

Hollow your eyes
Hollow your soul
Hollow your bones
Hollow your skull

Pull your hairs out
Stick your eyes out
Rip your nipples
Smash your balls
I will rape you
I will rape you


I jump in cold sea of misunderstanding
I see the darkness rising in her eyes.
I try to run but there is no place to hide
Seeking for escape, bewildered

I feel your sharp eyes in my back
I hear your whispers, like poison
I try to run yet I am paralysed. Lost my faith in humanity
I see her pain and disillusion
I no longer wish to be hurt
Fragile see her stand there before the closed door
By the hypocrisy

To which I am subjected
Is not the world better off
without me?
Unable to open it without my help

I hear you whispering in my ear
You are the queen of my world

I hear you calling in the distance
You try to pull me back to your world

I try to cry, try to die, but there is something keeping me here
It is the illusion of you, loving me
Understanding me, giving me warmth
Giving me strength, to hold on
To be strong, to be warm and to be saved, and to be loved
To be, happy, ever after being happy

The illusion, disillusion
I try to live happily in
The illusion, disillusion
But I can't stand the pain

I hear you calling in the distance
But I'm not listening anymore

I hear you whispering in my ear
Feeling your arms, around me

I hear you calling in the distance
But it's too late now
You won't whisper in my ear again


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(No lyrics alvailable)

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