29 Jaguar : 29 Anger

Melodic Death / Japan
(2005 - Self-Released)


1. 29 ANGER

This is how I live my life

Knowing all when game is over
Going insane
it's not my fault
Expect the truth in your words
A contradiction produces no trust

I found the answer, it's you
Now, I'm feeling nothing
I am one
Turn sorrow into rage
it's time

I must kill you for myself

My hatred
Attempt to kill
Fuck you all

No hide
My empty mind is always unscarred
I'm killing you
Scrape your guts
This is my 29 anger

No beg
My blood has reached the boiling point

I'm killing you
Scrape your guts
This is my 29 anger


Awake demon
The new addiction

I'm trying to remember
You just have to believe it's real

Awake demon
The new addiction

I'm trying to prove it
You just have to take my words


My skin is cold
Destroy your body and mind
You'll be a part of me
Dead inside

Imposing on your naked weakness
What you're gonna do is succumb to me

My friend


She was about 17
Covered her with alcohole
Threw matches towards her
Kept doing it
She passed out

Now, she's waking up
I tied her up
Cut some veins
A big cut in the arm
I watch and masturbate

I wouldn't cum
I stopped and cut
I cut her lips
Cut her tongue, nose, and eyes

Kept the dead bodies around me
It was so much fun
Cut and dress them up
Then sleep together

And rape them


Dead eyes
Shut off from the world
I'm counting down the time

The end of escape
Now I'm reborn

Nothing's worth the sleep I've lost
The wasted years
A revenge awaits you
You're not the one to judge what I am
Sick of you
I stand here facing all this pain

Dark wounded mind
I see your shadows
Sick blistered thoughts
Rise in me

Trust in you
It's burning inside

Something has been taken
From deep inside of me
Replaced this fear
With a heart to trust

Save me

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