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September 2013
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Born Of Osiris: Tomorrow We Die Alive
Born of Osiris have been knocking around a few years now but haven't put out anything that was extraordinary. Their first album The New Reign was...[continue]
Carthage: Salt the Earth
The "djent" trend of progressive metal and hardcore is unfortunately beginning to wear thin in quality, with many bands in the scene doing the same...[continue]
Worship: Dooom
When it comes to metal, my tastes usually hover around the slower more atmospheric varieties, with black, doom and sludge metal becoming personal...[continue]
Muldjord: The Ignorant Crown
What to say about El Senator, a.k.a Muldjord? How, in a few words, can I pay tribute to this kind of artists, and there are more of them on the web...[continue]
Ghost Brigade: Isolation Songs
In producing Isolation Songs, Ghost Brigade took everything brilliant from their debut album Guided by Fire and added to it even more excellence....[continue]
Ghost Brigade: Guided by Fire
Guided by Fire, Ghost Brigade's debut CD, establishes the Finnish band's style with confidence and power. Despite some obvious influences from such...[continue]
Cadaveria (ITA): The Shadows' Madame
Gothic metal is one of my favorite subgenres, so once looking on the Internet I found Cadaveria (I was a huge fan of her when she was performing with...[continue]
Bloodsimple: A Cruel World
Bloodsimple is a north american Alternative Metal/Hardcore band, they made their debut with this album entitled "A Cruel World", first of all, I have...[continue]

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Endstille - Motocultor 2013
by tango666
Integrity - Le Ferrailleur 2013
by BloodyValentine
Bunkum - Le Ferrailleur - 2013
by BloodyValentine
Foreseen - Le Ferrailleur - 2013
by BloodyValentine

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