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September 2014
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Mouth Of The South: Struggle Well
Mouth of the South is a Christian Metalcore band that has released another album before this and one EP. Hailing from the good 'ole Texas this...[continue]
Night Mistress: Into the Madness
It's been about three years since their debut album, The Back of Beyond. It rocked out like versatile heavy metal with an eighties hair metal flair....[continue]
Five Finger Death Punch: American Capitalist
In 2011 Five Finger Death Punch started working on their 3rd album, and with 2 very successful albums already under their belt it puts a lot of...[continue]
Volumes: No Sleep
"No Sleep" is the second full length album from Progressive Metalcore band Volumes and also their first album since 2011's "Via". This album features...[continue]
Ringworm: Hammer of the Witch
Ringworm formed in 1991 from Cleveland, Ohio, and momentarily split up years later before re-grouping in 2001. They are currently signed to Relapse...[continue]
Kunvuk: Twitcher
Immute : Jackals was a fun and crazy album, with odd time changes and crossovers into dissimilar styles. Their sophomore album, Consume Rapture, was...[continue]
Torrential Downpour: Truth Knowledge Vision
I’m gonna be honest, this is one of the biggest surprises of the year. It’s far too often that we see bands labeled as simply “noise,” and...[continue]

Interview with Benighted (FRA)

by Deesse_de_la_nuit
August 2014.


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Arch Enemy - Alcatraz-Courtrai 2014
by wacken62
Wasp - Alcatraz-Courtrai 2014
by wacken62
Twisted Sister - Alcatraz-Courtrai 2014
by wacken62
Sacred reich - Alcatraz-Courtrai 2014
by wacken62
Coroner-Mean Fest 2014
by wacken62
Malevolent Creation Metal Mean 2014
by wacken62

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