Newsletter 11
November 2016
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CETI: Snakes of Eden
CETI is a five piece band that features adept performers from the musical schools of Poland. They were one of Eastern Europe's best kept secrets for...[continue]
Local H: Hey, Killer
Their two thousand eight release, Twelve Angry Months, was a concept album about the bitter break up of a failed relationship. It rocked out pretty...[continue]
Candlebox: Disappearing in Airports
Their two thousand eight album ,Into the Sun, rocked out with moderate quality. About half of the songs were decent rockers and the rest were boring...[continue]
Adamanthium: Adamanthium
Author: Dave Hodges Artist: Adamanthium Album: Adamanthium Label: Independent South Americans have never been strangers to heavy metal, and...[continue]
Slingblade: The Unpredicted Deeds of Molly Black
Band very reminiscent of the late 8th it was the best time of heavy metal. I loved the lyrics, the songs. Very sober. The female vocals gave a...[continue]
Infant Annihilator: The Elysian Grandeval Galeriarch
This album is the natural evolution of Deathcore. It's a brutal and neurotic explosive music that is full of good shit. this album begins treading...[continue]
Suicidal Tendencies: World Gone Mad
Suicidal Tendencies capitalize on a theme of mental illness and offers it with humorous arrangements. They are a very flexible band that could go...[continue]

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Negura Bunget Paris 2016
by adrien86fr
Treponem Pal Montreuil 2016
by adrien86fr
Le Mars - Angoulême 2016 (Black Oath)
by AlonewithL
Dynfari @Reykjavik Gaukurinn 01-10-2016
by LeLoupArctique
Le Mars - Angoulême 2016 (Riti Occulti)
by AlonewithL
Zhrine @Reykjavik Gaukurinn 01-10-2016
by LeLoupArctique

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