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March 2016
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Fleshgod Apocalypse: King
Italian metal titans Fleshgod Apocalypse formed in 2007 in Perugia/Roma, Italy. From then on, they deeply carved their name onto the metal world...[continue]
Silence The Messenger: The Proclamation
Deathcore quartet Silence The Messenger was established in 2007, hailing from San Antonio, Texas. They started off with their debut EP "Buried" in...[continue]
Elderwind: The Magic of Nature
Atmospherically oriented black metal is a genre that can often be its own worst enemy. I have always been of the persuasion that the style only has...[continue]
Kandaon: Hell Has No Gate, Yet Men Will Dig To Enter
I like this kind of release. A short split featuring four or more bands just giving a taster of what they're capable of. A variation of styles in a...[continue]
Baphomet's Blood: In Satan We Trust
Well In Satan We Trust is Baphomet's Blood fourth release and it was released by the german label Iron Bonehead Productions. In 2008 left the Band...[continue]
Totale Vernichtung: Ritualmordlegenden
Ritualmordlegenden is the third released album from the great Austrian Black Metal Band Totale Vernichtung. This Album was released from the most...[continue]

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Xandria @Paris Le Divan du Monde 09-02-2016
by LeLoupArctique
Halestorm @Paris Le Trianon 13-02-2016
by LeLoupArctique
MDE - Poitiers 2016 (Hypno5e)
by AlonewithL
MDE - Poitiers 2016 (Orakle)
by AlonewithL
Putrid Offal Paris 2016
by adrien86fr
Cluricaume - Poitiers 2016 (The Bottle Doom Lazy Band)
by AlonewithL

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