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July 2015
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Make Them Suffer: Old Souls
Australian sextet Make Them Suffer formed in 2008 from Perth, Australia. With their debut EP "Lord of Woes" from 2010 and a full-length called...[continue]
Grey Heaven Fall: ...Grey Heaven Fall
This album is the most impressive proof of the high sensibility of the melodic death metal. I am from an European eastern country (Romania), nearby...[continue]
December Wolves: 'Til Ten Years
I've just listened to this for the 3rd time ever, even though I've owned the album since about 1999, and to be honest, it's probably about the best...[continue]
Ade: Spartacus
After being a fan of the Spartacus TV series, and having an interest in ancient Rome, when I heard about this release I thought all my prayers (To...[continue]
Nightwish: Endless Forms Most Beautiful
"Born" in 1996 in Kitee, Finland, what started off as a campfire project founded by musician/composer Tuomas Holopainen would overtime grow into one...[continue]
Marilyn Manson: The Pale Emperor
'The Pale Emperor' is the tenth studio album by industrial metal artist Marilyn Manson released on original Playstation discs. I have to say, I'm not...[continue]
Northumbria: Helluland
Like a lot of albums I review (or not), Helluland has been composed by artists I didn't know at all beforehand. So I often find myself writing...[continue]
Driftglass: All That Remains
This is an album that demands several playbacks to fully absorb all of the musical elements within. Who writes a full hour album these days? ...[continue]

Interview with Ufomammut

by Deesse_de_la_nuit
June 2015.


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Ensiferum @Hellfest 2015
by LeLoupArctique
Hellfest - Clisson 2015 (Satyricon)
by AlonewithL
Dark Tranquillity @Hellfest 2015
by LeLoupArctique
Finntroll @Hellfest 2015
by LeLoupArctique
Hellfest - Clisson 2015 (Alestorm)
by AlonewithL
Alestorm @Hellfest 2015
by LeLoupArctique

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