Newsletter 07
July 2016
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Kekal: Luka
Neutrality: Read the lyrics, somehow I was encouraged to interpret the articulation of incident / tragedy that never final in Indonesian law...[continue]
Red War: Demo 2010
It is hard to believe, but also in North Korea, there are metal bands. One is the Brutal Death Metal band Red War, which have so far only released a...[continue]
Janus (USA): Armor
Janus id a band I've always had a warm place in my angsty heart. A band from Chicago that took traction not too long after their release of the...[continue]
Rotting Christ: Rituals
Greek metal giants Rotting Christ formed in Athens back in 1987. Over the decades, they have gained a massive following, with records such as...[continue]
Sorcerer (SWE): In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross
I highly recommend this album for all doom metal fans. I feel like Pentagram and Saint Vitus corroborated in this. Hope to hear more soon. [continue]
In The Woods...: Heart of the Ages
I used to see this album in record shops back in the 90's. I was always intrigued by its striking purple and white cover of a calm atmsopheric...[continue]
Aborted: Goremageddon : the Saw and the Carnage Done
This was the first album I heard from Aborted, and I fell in love instantly. This was also one of my first brutal death metal albums that wasn't a...[continue]
Neurotic Carousel: Faint Whispers
I've followed Neurotic Carousel for quite a long while now. Since the Myspace era actually (2004-2005) I've been a fan of their work since this EP....[continue]

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Children Of Bodom @Download Festival France 2016
by LeLoupArctique
Gojira @Download Festival France 2016
by LeLoupArctique
Anthrax @Download Festival France 2016
by LeLoupArctique
Apocalyptica @Download Festival France 2016
by LeLoupArctique
Taake - San Diego 2016
by Deesse_de_la_nuit
Deftones @Download Festival France 2016
by LeLoupArctique

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