Newsletter 07
July 2017
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Iced Earth: Incorruptible
Already six years since the arrival of Stu Block, Iced Earth returns very confident for their twelfth studio album. After an energetic Dystopia,...[continue]
Tankard: One Foot in the Grave
The thrash metal genre first materialized in nineteen eighty with self released demos by Venom and Holy Moses. By eighty three, over twenty bands...[continue]
Nargaroth: Era of Threnody
So finally here it is Nargaroth's eighth full-length album called "Era of Threnody" and I am a little bit surprised there are no german tracks on it....[continue]
Deep Purple: Infinite
The hard rock genre dates back to nineteen sixty and Deep Purple isn’t the oldest band in the category that is still active. Nor do they hold the...[continue]
Extortionist: The Decline
Idaho quintet Extortionist formed in 2013 in Coeur d’Alene, with the following year marking the release of their debut EP “The Black Sheep.” A...[continue]
Demon Hunter: Outlive
In the two thousands, metalcore bands were rapidly becoming popular. Videos from groups like Shadows Fall, Trivium, and Atreyu were getting a lot of...[continue]

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