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January 2016
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Enterprise Earth: Patient 0
Sound: So, Enterprise Earth dropped their banger of a full-length debut after the "23" EP back last year. If any of you are familiar with Infant...[continue]
Myka, Relocate: The Young Souls
Myka, Relocate is a Metalcore/Post-Hardcore band and most people look at them as another scene band! But to those people I say take a listen to this...[continue]
Soilwork: The Ride Majestic
Soilwork are the anti-In Flames, in a way. Whereas In Flames went from a guitar-driven sound melodic death metal, to infusing melo death with...[continue]
Slayer (USA): Repentless
It’s kinda redundant at this point to go into detail on the past six years of Slayer’s career. Jeff Hanneman’s spider bite and eventual death,...[continue]
Make Me Famous: Let the Game Begin
Ever since I started listening to Make Me Famous I really fell in love with this band. They have the signature sound of a great Metalcore band, and...[continue]
Death: The Sound of Perseverance
Chuck Schuldiner was a musical genius. He (and Possessed) created an extremely brutal new music genre: Death Metal. A man with many talents: the...[continue]
Melechesh: Enki
Melechesh is my favorite band now. During time I was very happy to discover the Oriental Metal. Discussion about Eastern vs. Western civilization and...[continue]
Chrome Division: Doomsday Rock 'n' Roll
This record rocks really hard; you can feel the stench of fresh beer after each cut. Shragath of Dimmu Borgir-who handles guitars on this LP- has put...[continue]

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C.C.John Lennon - Limoges 2015 (Soilwork)
by AlonewithL
Gamma Ray @Paris Le Trabendo 05-12-2015
by LeLoupArctique
Stream of Passion @Paris O Sullivans 06-12-2015
by LeLoupArctique
C.C.John Lennon - Limoges 12.2015 (HateSphere)
by AlonewithL
C.C.John Lennon - Limoges 2015 (T.A.N.K.)
by AlonewithL
Asylum Pyre @Paris O Sullivans 06-12-2015
by LeLoupArctique

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