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January 2018
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Municipal Waste: Slime and Punishment
Their two thousand nine release, Massive Aggressive, Was comprised of thirteen action packed songs that lasted for twenty nine minutes. The...[continue]
Vulture (GER): The Guillotine
The Guillotine is the first release from the in 2015 formed german speed/thrash metal band Vulture. Vulture was formed by band member from bands like...[continue]
Lich King: The Omniclasm
Lich King…what is the meaning of that name? Lich comes from old English and means an undead corpse. It has appeared in old books and the Lich...[continue]
Lambstone: Hunters & Queens
Italy has its fair share of rock/metal artists. They do have a grunge scene and their most notable artist is Verdena. Lambstone’s website and any...[continue]
Metal Church: Classic Live
Metal Church started out during the early eighties in Aberdeen Washington. Which was the also home of grunge artists; Buzz Osborne (The Melvins),...[continue]
Whispered: Metsutan - Songs of the Void
Two years after a violent Macabre Shogunate and six years after a Thousand Swords epic, Whispered offers us their last battle trophy to get between...[continue]
Nightrage: The Venomous
In a subgenre of death metal, Nightrage doesn’t play ugly music nor is it pretty. But some of their music has been composed with pleasant...[continue]
Jumpscare: Three Marks of Dreams
The first studio work of the italian alternative metal band "Jumpscare" is "Three Marks Of Dreams" and extended play self-produced by Jumpscare...[continue]

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Testament Européan Tour 2017
by Hardlovinman
C.C.John Lennon - Limoges 2017 (Lacuna Coil)
by AlonewithL
C.C.John Lennon - Limoges 2017 (Wolves In The Throne Room)
by AlonewithL
C.C.John Lennon - Limoges 2017 (Nightmare)
by AlonewithL
by the_soundchaser
C.C.John Lennon - Limoges 2017 (Misanthrope)
by AlonewithL

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