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February 2018
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Gruntruck: Gruntruck
Their nineteen ninety debut, Inside Yours, was a jamming mix of hard hitting sludge and some thrash melodies. Then their ninety two sophomore album,...[continue]
Primus: The Desaturating Seven
Their twenty eleven release, Green Naugahyde, sounded like electrified funk rock. That one seemed to be chock-full of recycled musical ideas from...[continue]
Dirty Looks: Five Easy Pieces
Released in 1992 on Rockworld, Five Easy Pieces is the seventh studio album of Dirty Looks. Featuring Henrik Ostergaard on vocal and guitar, Paul...[continue]
Infected Rain: 86
Maybe, you think I am exaggerating, but let me explain. After a disappointing year I was skeptical about listen it, and I believe that, a lot of you...[continue]
Ventana: The Silent Majority
This band really had it on America Survival Guide Vol. 1 the energy and heavy industrial style set VentanA apart from other bands, but this EP is a...[continue]
Jumpscare: Sowing Storms
The charge released by the Opener My Purifyng Day is not indifferent, especially for an emerging band like Jumpscare, sharp riffs alternately switch...[continue]
El Cuervo De Poe: Ciudad sin Memoria
I've been a great fan of this band since its birth, and never disappointed me, and this is not a exception; however, I must remark that the lyrical...[continue]
Trollfest: Helluva
If you're looking for a track-by-track review, then I'm afraid this is not the review you're looking for. On the other hand this review is going to...[continue]

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