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February 2014
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Alcest: Shelter
Now, I'm not expecting Alcest to carry on doing the same thing they've been doing in the past, I greatly enjoyed their dreamy fusion of shoegaze and...[continue]
Hail Spirit Noir: Oi Magoi
Walking among beautiful gardens, you see plenty of flowers you have never seen before and thinking of planting those seeds in your soil and thus...[continue]
Raintime: Tales from Sadness
The first song Moot-Lie is one of the best power metal/melodeath hybrids I’ve heard. Down tuned chromatic palm muted riffs mixed with glistening...[continue]
Circle Of Ouroborus: Streams
If there’s one band that I’d describe as difficult, it’d be Circle of Ouroborus, it’s not that I find the music particularly difficult to...[continue]
Silence The Messenger: Achilles
Hailing from San Antonio since 2007 is brutal deathcore quintet Silence The Messenger. They released their debut EP in 2010 called "Buried," which...[continue]
Uigg: Of Moose and Men
What the hell does the name Uigg mean? It's not listed in the dictionary. Uigg is actually the name of a remote settlement on Prince Edward Island....[continue]
Broken Hope: Omen of Disease
With a gore & horrific image and a brutal deathmetal style during the 90s, Broken Hope sadly remained in the shadows of Cannibal Corpse during the...[continue]

Interview with Sarkom

by Deesse_de_la_nuit
January 2014.


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Satan Jokers 2014
by adrien86fr
Arès 2014
by adrien86fr

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