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April 2017
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Black Anvil: As Was
During the nineties, metal music declined in the states with the rise of the grunge genre. In the two thousands, Scandinavian metal was made...[continue]
Overkill (USA): The Grinding Wheel
Overkill has been an uncompromising thrash force for over thirty years. They came up from the mean streets of New England and their official website...[continue]
Wormfood (FRA): L'Envers
Wormfood are one of those bands that releases an album once every eclipse (not very often !!) and to be honest, that is fine by me, as I'd hate see...[continue]
Bulldozing Bastard: Under the Ram
Germany’s Bulldozing Bastard, the self-described practitioners of “bastard metal”, formed in 2012. Their debut full length, Bulldozing the...[continue]
Local H: Hey, Killer
Their two thousand eight release, Twelve Angry Months, was a concept album about the bitter break up of a failed relationship. It rocked out pretty...[continue]
Candlebox: Disappearing in Airports
Their two thousand eight album ,Into the Sun, rocked out with moderate quality. About half of the songs were decent rockers and the rest were boring...[continue]
Adamanthium: Adamanthium
Author: Dave Hodges Artist: Adamanthium Album: Adamanthium Label: Independent South Americans have never been strangers to heavy metal, and...[continue]
Slingblade: The Unpredicted Deeds of Molly Black
Band very reminiscent of the late 8th it was the best time of heavy metal. I loved the lyrics, the songs. Very sober. The female vocals gave a...[continue]

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Salle Emeraude - Bressuire 2017 (Mercyless)
by AlonewithL
Salle Emeraude - Bressuire 2017 (Pulmonary Fibrosis)
by AlonewithL
Salle Emeraude - Bressuire 2017 (Defenestration)
by AlonewithL
Future Figment @Reykjavik Gaukurinn 09-03-2017
by LeLoupArctique
Salle Emeraude - Bressuire 2017 (Trepanator)
by AlonewithL

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