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Judas Priest Tipton Glenn
    Glenn Tipton
    Born the 25 October 1948
    United-Kingdom (London, Greater London)
    Bands (activ)

Glenn Raymond Tipton (born October 25, 1948 in Blackheath, England) is one of the lead guitarists for British heavy metal institution Judas Priest.

Previous to Judas Priest, he was in the Flying Hat Band.

Tipton is best known for his complex, sometimes classically influenced solos and his legendary double lead guitar trades with fellow Priest guitarist K.K. Downing.

Tipton's songwriting and technical control have long been hallmarks of the Judas Priest sound.

In 1997 Tipton released his solo album Baptizm Of Fire, featuring a host of well-known musicians including Billy Sheehan, Cozy Powell and Don Airey, among others. Despite being largely ignored by the mainstream music press, it is considered a modern classic by many longime fans of Priest.

Glen has used numerous guitars over the years. these include a stock Fender Stratocaster in the early years, a Gibson SG later and Later a Modified CBS-era Fender Stratocaster with a shiny pickguard. He currently endorses Hamer guitars.

Produced albums
  • Judas Priest : Demolition
  • Judas Priest : Jugulator
  • Judas Priest : Machine Man

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