Dimmer Morego

Name Morego Dimmer
Birth date 01 January 1982
Country Iran
City Tehran

Morego (aka Morego Dimmer, Dimmer) is a Music Producer from Tehran, Iran.
He started producing in 2005 with founding of his main music project which called "XERXES THE DARK". His side projects are "Nyctalllz", "Nahan" and "MOREGO".
XERXES THE DARK is "the first Iranian Dark Ambient Music Project" and Nyctalllz is "the first Iranian Noise Project" and Nahan was a personal ambient black project(split-up).
He appeared as Keyboardist, Vocalist and Producer in doomed death metal band named "Ostanes".
Also has the Vocal, Composer and Producer credit in Iranian dark ambient band, The "Blind Owl".

Xerxes The Dark's Bio:
The First & The Most Famous Iranian "Dark Ambient" Music Project Which Has Formed in 2005 by "Morego Dimmer" (Morego, Nyctalllz, Nahan, Ostanes, Blind Owl). Xerxes The Dark Is The Ultimate Dark Ambient That Revealing The Light Waves Of Eternity and The Realms of Infinity.

Morego Dimmer is the Main & Only Member and Also The Former Of The Iranian Greatest Dark Ambient Music Project Called "Xerxes The Dark".
Xerxes was the exotic empire of the ancient Iran. Here Xerxes is meant the King, Empire and The Master. So Maybe Xerxes The Dark Meant "The Empire Of The Darks".
Morego Dimmer Has some side projects like "Morego" & "Nyctalllz" and "Nahan".
His music life not spelled on this ones and he appeared on some bands such as "Blind Owl" and "Ostanes", but They were not Big Bands, just a little some bands.
Beside Music, He has a good relation with other Arts like Photography, Graphics and Designs.
Xerxes The Dark Refilled by the Only ONE VOICE from the Universe.

Current Projects:
Xerxes The Dark (XTD)
Ambient/ Dark Ambient/ Experimental/ Psychedelic

Experimental Post-Rock/ Neo Classical


Produced albums