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The Cult in Belgrade, The Belgrade Arena - AnaGuard

The Cult

le Samedi 04 Juin 2011

The Cult, legendary british hard rock band, has performed in Serbia for the third time in its career.
Track which opened the show, after a delay of 35 minutes, was "Rain", a classic from 1985. year. The audience with the first stormy riffs reacted, and this was welcomed by the main man in the band, Ian Astbury. He thanked Belgrade, many wonderful people in Serbia, and made a joke about the guitarist Mike Dimkich's, whom they call "Mike The Serb" because of his Serbian origins.
After the "Elektric Ocean" and "White", started "Sweet Soul Sister," which chorus was loudly sung by the entire arena. In the middle of the concert band retreated from the stage for three minutes, in order to show video clip, which, according to Ian's words, represents a kind of revolt, the U.S. government "that does not care about its citizens, American Indians, who live in the real shit." This was also the intro to the composition of "Embers".
List of songs was pretty well prepared, through popular songs, "Wild Flower" and "Spiritwalker" to songs "Lil Devil" and "Dirty Little Rockstar". "She Sells Sanctuary" was played twice, because at the first performance Billy Duffy had technical problems with the guitar. He personally apologized, said "repete" and then began a well-known opening melody.
The result - an hour and forty minutes of unforgettable rock and roll.

1. Rain
2. Every Man and Woman Is a Star
3. Electric Ocean
4. Sweet Soul Sister
5. Horse Nation
6. Saints Are Down
7. Rise
8. Nirvana
9. Phoenix
10. Embers
11. Spiritwalker
12. Lil' Devil
13. Dirty Little Rockstar
14. Wild Flower
15. Love Removal Machine
16. She Sells Sanctuary
17. Fire Woman
18. Break on Through
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