Megadeth - Rust In Peace 20th anniversary tour, The Rialto Theater, Tucson, Az, USA


the 礼拜二 30 三月 2010

They played their landmark album, The Legacy, in its entirety. The musicians actually sounded much more skilled than Exodus and even rivaled Megadeth, if you can believe that. Their guitarists were sensational. I don't have any albums by this band, so I'm not sure what songs came off of what albums, outside of what they told us was from the Legacy album. But they did put on an excellent live show. Vocalist Chuck Billy was really cool, and had a great time like the rest of us.


the 礼拜二 30 三月 2010

The first track that Megadeth played was Skin O' My Teeth, a mediocre slackers anthem.  We were all shocked and thinking, "what the hell is this crap"?  It was obvious that guitarist Chris Broderick was embarrassed with this selection and he looked at Dave who was hiding his face in his huge mop of hair.  Dave looked sad and depressed as he has appeared in many of his photos.  He rarely looked out at the fans.  In fact, none of the other members of his band seemed pleased to be there, and didn't seem to appreciate the wildly enthused fans.
Next they played a couple of songs that I didn't recognize, they were probably from the late 1990's or early 2000's.  Then they broke out with the album, Rust In Peace.  Which the crowd thoroughly enjoyed.  This was a sold out concert, with long lines to get in, long lines to buy shirts, long lines to buy beer, and long lines to the restroom.  This album was the main attraction to the show, advertised as the 20th anniversary of Rust In Peace.  Of course these songs kicked ass and the fans went ape-shit.  Then after the last song on that album, Night Of Polaris, they took a break.  Upon their return, They played Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?, Symphony Of Destruction, Headcrusher, Dialectic Chaos, and This Day We Fight. Somewhere between those last few songs, Dave finally spoke to us, he said that he had once had an Arizona zip code.  Then he pointed to original bassist David Ellefson (ex-Soul Fly) and said that he still does ( the Phoenix area ).
Many of the best bands that come to my region usually pass up my home town, and go to Phoenix instead.  So this gig was a treat, it was sort of like a miniature thrash festival.  It was the first time that I had seen any of these bands live and I'm glad that I went. 

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Demogorefest - 02 四月 2010: cool, they were up in Chicago awhile back, they've been doin that set for some time i think. as far as albums go, stay away from their album "the ritual" it was their 90's sell-out attempt album, it's terrible, but they came back with a more 'brutal' approach than before with Low, and Demonic. the rest of their albums are killer thrash metal classics.