Helloween - Stratovarius 7 Sinners World Tour 2010 - 2011, Principal - Thessaloniki

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the Saturday 22 January 2011

It was a rainy day till the moment of that great event, that power metal show. It was 8.00 p.m. and all we were in the Principal. After an hour at 9.00 p.m. the first supporter Avatar came on stage to make us feel warm for the rest night. Despite the fact that they are from Sweden and their style is death metal, their appearance was more like a sleaze/glam metal band, especially their singer who had the height and the movements of Sebastian Bach. Their were good, but only some of the crowd were singing with them, maybe because their style was not power, what we wanted to see. They played for about 25 minutes.


the Saturday 22 January 2011

On stage we started watching a big cover of the band and we were ready! At 9.45 Stratovarius appeared playing "Hunting High And Low" and the party began. After that song and their greedings Timo Kotipelto declared that he had a problem with his voice and it would not be easy for him to sing clearly. The point is that Timo was great despite his problem. "Speed Of Light" and "Paradise" made us be crazy and sing with them without a stop. We expected something from Elysium but our wish did not come true. For half an hour all the Principal was singing every song, every one of us could feel the electrism in the the atmosphere. There were some solos from all of the rest members so to cover Timo's problem, but we did not got sad because Timo promised that they will be back for a much better presentation of Elysium. The biggest surprise from their setlist was the song "Twilight Symphony", no one believed in his/her ears!! Stratovarius said goodbuy and their last song "Black Diamond" gave the chance to us for more headbanging and lets say that Stratovarius prepared the ground for the Kings!! Something that I have to refer is the appearance of Jorg Michael who was stronger than ever and he proved that after "Kiss Of Judas" through his solo.


the Saturday 22 January 2011

It was 10.30 p.m and everything on stage was ready and we tried to be calm for a while, but the smile in everyone's face was undesribed. After a quorter lights went down and we heard some medleys - intro before the main one of "Are Metal" and then an earthquake could be realized by those who were out of the building. Helloween were on stage urmed and before the finishing of the first song, Sasha Gerstner changed guitar and suddenly we were flying with the eagles. I'm talking about "Eagle Fly free". During the first songs no one was at the same place, you could be in front of the stage, but in seconds you would be somewhere far beyond and I'm not kidding! The appearance of Helloween was awesome, they palyed three songs from 7 Sinners, the first one, "Where The Sinners Go" and "World Of Fantasy", but the setlist was based on the two keepers something that we had never lived before. Now you may wonder if Andi Deris could sing "I'm Alive" or "March Of Time" and I'm telling you that he was great, much more his screaming deserved the golden prize of one of the biggest singers! During "I Want Out" and "Future World" Andi played with us and they spent much time on these two songs while they could play two or three more songs, nevermind we all had lost our minds that we did not care about it. The songs "Keeper - King For 1000 - Halloween" were presented together for about 20 minutes and Helloween made again Principal sing till no one could be heard. After a relaxed moment through "Forever And One" a thunder came to our heads and the first guitar parts of "Ride The Sky" was the begining of our end! After that song we lost our voices, we had no strength and we needed someone to heal us and in the end of that unbelievable live "Dr.Stein" was there for the best ending. All the guys were more than great, they gave everything they had, we enjoyed the double guitar parts of Sasha and Michael, the smiles of Markus and the erupted playing of Dani Loble on his drums!! I can still remember the pain on my neck and the lack of my voice the day after the live. If 2010 was one of the best power metal years after 7 or 8 years then this concert was the best power metal concert! Nothing more to say...


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ramat_rock - 22 February 2011: hopefully can go to Indonesia, so many fans here Helloween & Stratovarius
petem75 - 20 May 2011: I hope they come to U.S.A
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