Finntroll, Samael, Rotting Christ, Metsatöll, Nothnegal, Masters of Rock café, Zlín (CZ)


the Sunday 05 December 2010

In the Czech Republic commonly celebrated St. Nicolas day was supposed to be a calm and peaceful day; but not in Masters of Rock café in Zlín. This was the night
when Finntroll and their support darkened the place with the music of quite
wide range.

The very first band of the evening was Maldivian Nothnegal who came to show that Europe and US aren’t the only places where good metal comes from. It would be really far from the truth if I said that they were some kind of lure of the night, but
this exotic band surely brought at least few curious listeners in front of the
stage. And since talent isn’t anything that people who come to appreciate good
music can ignore, Nothnegal couldn’t complain about the lack of support.
Presenting of their new upcoming album and for many people equally unknown first
release was quite a success and for the first band the sound was really good as


the Sunday 05 December 2010

The second of the five bands of the night were Metsatöll from Estonia with their newest
release Äio. From the small country came a great fervidness. The folk strike
could only please the fans of the headliners Finntroll so the atmosphere in the
hall was anything but bad or boring. The band didn’t forget the early releases
as well so the fans could hear songs from the albums like Hiiekoda or Terast
Mis Hangund Me Hinge. True pagan tunes made people jump, dance and scream for
more. The enthusiasm of the band was captivating as well as the melodies but
even this band had its time limit that they had to fit into.

Rotting Christ

the Sunday 05 December 2010

As for someone who has liked Rotting Christ for years it is very difficult not to use
superlatives. The band’s newest album Aealo took the main part of the show,
with the most striking songs like Noctis Era or Dub Sag Ta Ke and one would
believe that the ancient gods were standing beside them because the power going
out of stage was overwhelming. It is true that the show wasn’t very long but
despite the huge amount of sweat the lead singer Sakis Tolis didn’t get out of
breath not even once. In short, for the fan of the kings of Greek metal this
was an eargasm.


the Sunday 05 December 2010

The atmosphere of the Swedish black/industrial band Samael was very different.
Worlds of Rotting Christ and Samael are both dark and ominous, but in such a
different way that comparing them would be a sin. What the image of the whole band
and the singer Michael "Vorphalack" Locher was evoking the image of
Matrix movie. But the music was just as electrifying as the appearance. The band
took the best from their whole and rich creation as well as of their freshest
release Antigod. The title song of the album enraptured people just as well as
the classic songs like Rebellion, Rain or the final song My Saviour.  


the Sunday 05 December 2010

It wouldn't be very honest to say if Finntroll was really the top band of the night. Not that they didn’t
make a great concert, they as usually performed an entertaining show, but the
whole combination of the bands before was so multifarious that these Finnish
guys seemed to be just another great band in the row more than a top of the
night. Their album Nifelvind was a huge success and so was the live performance
of it. But for those who prefer the older hits, in the choice of fifteen songs
it was impossible to miss the old good songs such as Trollhammaren. After all
this it was nothing surprising that the crowd wanted more... and got it!
Therefore it is hard to imagine that anyone who came to this gig would be
As usually the artists spent almost all of their free time in the
same bar as the fans so those most excited, communicative or simply drunk could
say their opinion or compliments. And i think that it is clear that they were
plenty of them.

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