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Corrosion Of Conformity, Gramercy Theatre - jcotter

Corrosion Of Conformity

le Jeudi 01 Mars 2012

Corrosion of Conformity from Raleigh, North Carolina were back to New York City on a Thursday night to play a blistering set of Sabbath inspired hardcore metal. With a new self-titled CD,  Woody Weatherman, Reed Mullin and Mike Dean were like three friends jamming their classics in their garage. Opening with feedback from Woody's Gibson SG, the instrumental Bottom Feeder from Wiseblood was slow and synchronized. It was controlled chaos when they followed with Loss For Words/Mad World/Consumed from Animosity.  Hardly stopping between songs COC played loud and fast with a set including rarely performed songs. They also played the title track from Deliverance and Vote with a Bullet from Blind. Between songs, the band would talk to the audience who shouted out titles of classics. The famous skull logo, redesigned for their new album cover, was their impressive backdrop. Bassist Mike Dean shouted vocals over Woody's serpentine riffs. Through their career, there have been five different singers. A rarity in music. Drummer Reed Mullin sang some new songs and took lead vocals for Hungry Child while his long hair whipped around throughout. COC ended the set with Technocracy. A Storm of Light started the night performing bass heavy stoner doom in front of a video montage of bombings and buildings being demolished. ASOL are a cool band and include a female guitarist. Valient Thorr brought metal mayhem with denim jackets, long hair and beards. They played retro thrash without downtuned guitars opening with the song Man Behind the Curtain. Valient himself moves constantly and went into the audience twice. Torche played a heavy set that sounded like nineties grunge with clean vocals.  A great night featuring a legendary band with diverse newer bands that should not to be missed if given the opportunity.

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