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Black Magic Rites, Escape Metalcorner - Gorlitharius
On April 5, there was in Escape Metalcorner again a treat for all black metal fans. Cthugha ritual brought the Greek Black Metal band Acherontas to Vienna!


the Sunday 05 April 2015

The evening was opened by the Upper Austrian black metal band Kringa which V. A. this country probably some is already a household name. They presented songs from their newer EPs (so far no album was released). They played solid black metal and were the appropriate opener for the evening.


the Sunday 05 April 2015

Then followed the first highlight of the evening: Stormnatt. This band should no Austrian Black Metal fan must be presented in detail, they have in fact achieved cult status in the scene. Initially, there were technical problems (sound), but these were quickly resolved. Stormnatt played their typical melodic, yet somehow raw Black Metal. They presented songs from the album "Omega Therion"; also by far the best song of this album "Evangelist of the Fall - Death's Seed" was presented to the fans in the now well-stocked cellar of the restaurant.

Deathrow (ITA)

the Sunday 05 April 2015

The next band was Deathrow from Italy, who were unknown to me until then. After the rather melodic Stormnatt a rougher Black Metal ensued style, were performs songs from the album "The Eerie Sound of the Slow Awakening". The Escape Metalcorner was now fully pushed forward. The songs were not bad, but not outstanding.


the Sunday 05 April 2015

The headliner was finally Acherontas from Greece. As usual, they played their own style of - some faster songs, and again slower, basically a kind of mixture of black metal and doom metal. After the rather faster opening acts it has now musically turned clearly slower. The songs were from the album "Amenti", but of course also one of their most famous songs, "Legacy of Tiamat", not missing. Acherontas delivered a great performance. Everyone, the rather slower and epic Black Metal like to Acherontas not to be missed!

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