As I Lay Dying/Demon Hunter/Blessthefall/War Of Ages, Rialto Theater, Tucson, Az, USA

War Of Ages

the Thursday 29 April 2010

The doors of this show were supposed to open at 6:30 PM and the show was scheduled to start at 7 Pm.  There was one huge line waiting to get in at 6:30 and it was moving very slowly, because a security guard was checking everyone's pockets, and patting down all of their customers before they were allowed to enter the theater.  Most of these people were christian metalheads, they didn't pull that crap with us oldschool thrashers at the Megadeth concert last month.
So to make a long story short, I waited in this line for an hour and 5 minutes, and missed the War Of Ages set.  Although I could hear them perfectly clear from the sidewalk outside of the theater.  War Of Ages is a christian metalcore band, from the east coast.  The music sounded a lot like early Atreyu.   They played a short set, about 30 minutes. If they would have played a longer set,  then maybe more of us could have watched them, instead of just hearing them perform.  But that's still no excuse for the way that the theater handled its customers. They treated us as though we were crooks.


the Thursday 29 April 2010

This was the first time that I had heard or seen of this band.  This christian screamo band from Phoenix were not all screams, they also had an alternative rock sound with the angelic singing of Beau Bokan, their new vocalist.  It was rough grinding metal intermingled with beautiful choruses and trendy guitar rhythms.  It sounded killer, yet very nice.  Halfway through the set, Beau told us that they were from Phoenix (about 200 miles north of town), and that they consider Tucson to be their second home.  That made us feel as good as their beautiful music did.  This was the most enjoyable performance of the outing for me.  I bought their shirt and CD.  

Demon Hunter

the Thursday 29 April 2010

They are a christian metalcore band from Seattle.  This performance featured the new line up with Patrick Judge on lead guitar and Ryan Helm on rhythm guitar.  Of course they still had Ryan Clark on vocals, Jon Dunn on bass, and Yogi Watts (the chubby character) on drums.  Ryan Clark looked like he was angry at the start of the set, but then he lightened up a bit, after a few songs.  They started with a few songs from their new album like; Life War, This Is The Line, The World Is A thorn, and Tie This Around Your Neck.  Then they played some of their older stuff like; Storm The Gates Of Hell, Awakening, Summer Of Darkness, Annihilate The Corrupt, and Not I.  It appears as though they wanted to show their rough side, because they didn't play any of their songs that show off their very nice choruses.  I was glad to see them live, because they are one of my favorite metalcore bands, but it was far from being one of the best performances that I've seen.


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