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Black Magic Rites
Gorlitharius the 05 Kwiecień 2015

The evening was opened by the Upper Austrian black metal band Kringa which V. A. this country probably some is already a household name. They presented songs from their newer EPs (so far no album was...[read more]
Summer Breeze Open Air 2013
Deesse_de_la_nuit the 14 Sierpień 2013

Let me start this review by telling you a bit about my “metal concert experiences history”. This is needed because it impacted, for sure, my opinion about this event. I’m Brazilian… which...[read more]
Barge to Hell 2012
Deesse_de_la_nuit the 03 Grudzień 2012

Picture a nice destination, time to relax, sit down by the pool with a drink, spend time with friends, good food, awesome room service, etc. Does it sound familiar? Ok… it may sound like any...[read more]
Blood Of The Power Tour
VesselsOfBlood the 23 Listopad 2012

Brutal death trio The Vomiting Dinosaurs was the second local band of the night to take the Empire stage. At first, not too many people crowded up at the front of the stage, since they are not very...[read more]
Septic Flesh - Krisiun - Melechesh - ExDio - Inception - October 28th 2012 at The Key Club - West Ho
Deesse_de_la_nuit the 28 Październik 2012

Sunday, October 28th 2012, the day of one of the most anticipated concerts of the year (at least for me) had finally arrived! Why? Well, because the lineup was just amazing: SepticFlesh, Krisiun,...[read more]
Corrosion Of Conformity
jcotter the 01 Marzec 2012

Corrosion of Conformity from Raleigh, North Carolina were back to New York City on a Thursday night to play a blistering set of Sabbath inspired hardcore metal. With a new self-titled CD,  Woody...[read more]
70000 tons of metal 2012
Deesse_de_la_nuit the 23 Styczeń 2012

Although I have been back from my last vacation for more than 2 weeks now, it is still hard to “come back to reality”. I could try to create some suspense or curiosity about my destination, but...[read more]
Judas Priest - Apocalypse at its zenith
Laxy the 21 Marzec 2009

Eagerness was growing deep inside of me as people all around me were rushing through the corridors of the underground towards a most famous venue, Le Zénith, of the so-called world’s most...[read more]
Masters of Rock 2011
Nastasia the 14 Lipiec 2011

Every year Masters of Rock festival has followed the same weather pattern – two days of incredible heat, one stormy day and to balance it all, a day of cold and chilly weather. Therefore every...[read more]
The Cult in Belgrade
AnaGuard the 04 Czerwiec 2011

The Cult, legendary british hard rock band, has performed in Serbia for the third time in its career. Track which opened the show, after a delay of 35 minutes, was "Rain", a classic from 1985....[read more]
Deicide and Belphegor - The Key Club, West Hollywood, CA – March 8th, 2011
Deesse_de_la_nuit the 08 Marzec 2011

The Key Club had a full concert night on Tuesday March 8th, 2011. The evening’s headliner was Deicide but several other bands played before them, including Belphegor. This review will cover Deicide...[read more]
Death Angel/Lazarus AD/Bonded By Blood/Ash To Dust
hack the 18 Luty 2011

This venue is a nightclub, so about a third of the floorspace was separated by a chain link fence, because there was a bar back behind it.  That's where I started out.  Ash To Dust is a...[read more]

hack the 18 Luty 2011

Angra and Sepultura - Hollywood
Deesse_de_la_nuit the 14 Styczeń 2011

A special night in Hollywood: a Brazilian “gathering” with Angra and Sepultura. These two bands played with no openers to a fairly crowded House of Blues in Hollywood. The night started with...[read more]
Helloween - Stratovarius 7 Sinners World Tour 2010 - 2011
Dr.Feelgood the 22 Styczeń 2011

It was a rainy day till the moment of that great event, that power metal show. It was 8.00 p.m. and all we were in the Principal. After an hour at 9.00 p.m. the first supporter Avatar came on stage...[read more]
Asian Worshippers Tour 2011
heavymetaltribune the 16 Styczeń 2011

Impiety kicks off their Asian Worshippers Tour 2011 in support of their latest opus, Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny on 16th January 2011 at The Substation. This occasion is a significant one for...[read more]
Epica - December 7th 2010, West Hollywood, Key Club
Deesse_de_la_nuit the 07 Grudzień 2010

On December 7th Epica passed by Hollywood to performed the “Design of Universe” tour concert at the Key Club. It was nice to arrive there and see the venue almost full (after all it was a Tuesday...[read more]
Marduk Live in Singapore
heavymetaltribune the 07 Grudzień 2010

A few months back when it was announced that black metal legends, Marduk are heading to Asia, there was a huge buzz, and once it was confirmed that they were indeed stopping...[read more]
Blind Guardian, Holy Grail and Seven Kingdoms - Los Angeles
Deesse_de_la_nuit the 09 Grudzień 2010

Driving along Hollywood Boulevard in the evening of December 9th, it was quite easy to find “The Music Box”. There was a long line in front of this 1920s theater, everybody wearing black band...[read more]
Finntroll, Samael, Rotting Christ, Metsatöll, Nothnegal
Nastasia the 05 Grudzień 2010

In the Czech Republic commonly celebrated St. Nicolas day was supposed to be a calm and peaceful day; but not in Masters of Rock café in Zlín. This was the nightwhen Finntroll and their support...[read more]
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