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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
wszystkie artykuły : Październik 2016
Alfabetycznie :
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Datami : 2013 2014 2015 2016
Styczeń >> Luty >> Marzec >> Kwiecień >> Maj >> Czerwiec >> Lipiec >> Sierpień >> Wrzesień >> Październik
Szukaj :
Blackfoot : Southern Native 13/20
(Southern Rock- USA)
A glance at the lengthy list of past band members that goes over twenty names deep, gives the impression that there is a reason why so many performers have come and gone. Singer/songwriter/rhythm...[read more]

Skillet : Unleashed 14/20
(Alternative Metal- USA)
Skillet features a line up with two female performers and two male performers. Which automatically raises the suspicion that there may be some romantic dalliance between the opposite sexes. Well...[read more]
Uruk-Hai (AUT) : Elbenglanz 17/20
(Dark Ambient- Austria)
Well here it is the new release of austria's most famous Ambient and Dungeon Synth one-man project Uruk-Hai. This new release is the first part of a series of Best of songs from 17 years band history...[read more]

Kansas : The Prelude Implicit 16/20
(Hard Rock- USA)
Kansas has been in the rock business for about forty six years now. Within that span of time, they’ve put out some highly acclaimed hits, along with some not so successful works. Their ninety...[read more]
Suicidal Tendencies : World Gone Mad 16/20
(Crossover- USA)
Suicidal Tendencies capitalize on a theme of mental illness and offers it with humorous arrangements. They are a very flexible band that could go with crossover, punkcore, funk or punk. The music...[read more]

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