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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
wszystkie artykuły : Sierpień 2017
Alfabetycznie :
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Datami : 2014 2015 2016 2017
Styczeń >> Luty >> Marzec >> Kwiecień >> Maj >> Czerwiec >> Lipiec >> Sierpień
Szukaj :
Tankard : One Foot in the Grave 17/20
(Thrash Metal- Germany)
The thrash metal genre first materialized in nineteen eighty with self released demos by Venom and Holy Moses. By eighty three, over twenty bands had joined the ranks of the genre. Tankard formed...[read more]

The 9th Cell : Karma 19/20
(Progressive Metal- Portugal)
The 9th Cell is back with a new record called "Karma", that is split in two CDs and features a few guests. David Pais is the mentor of this project that has spawned over 7 original records and 3...[read more]
Iced Earth : Incorruptible 16/20
(Thrash Heavy- USA)
Already six years since the arrival of Stu Block, Iced Earth returns very confident for their twelfth studio album. After an energetic Dystopia, reviving the skeptical fans, although weakened by a...[read more]

Goatwhore : Vengeful Ascension 16/20
(Thrash Black- USA)
As shadowy and dark as their music is, so are the details of what they have been doing for the past three years. Their twenty twelve release, Blood for the Master, was very good and all of the songs...[read more]
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