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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
All reviews : April 2014
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Whispered : Shogunate Macabre 18/20
(Melodic Death- Finland)
Four years earlier, Thousand Swords focused on the character of Saitō Musashibo Benkei who provoked in a duel all samurai who crossed his bridge, collecting Thousand Swords until his final fight. An...[read more]

Woods Of Desolation : As the Stars 17/20
(Atmospheric Black- Australia)
One-man project Woods of Desolation formed in 2005 from Wollongong, Australia, led by guitarist/bassist D. Their third full-length album "As the Stars" would be set to air on Valentine's Day 2014, a...[read more]
Traitors : Traitors 9/20
(Deathcore- USA)
Down-tempo deathcore militia Traitors formed in 2013 in Tampa, and was not too long ago signed to We Are Triumphant (Breakdown Of Sanity, Immoralist). For their first offering, the quintet would...[read more]

Coffinworm : IV.I.VIII 16/20
(Sludge Doom- USA)
If you haven’t yet made contact with Indiana’s Coffinworm you might guess, by the band’s name, how it might sound. If you thought on something dirty, crawling through dark, morbid places then...[read more]
Buried In Verona : Faceless 16/20
(Deathcore- Australia)
Well I decided to listen to Buried In Verona's 2014 album Faceless and I really wasn't that impressed. I haven't listened to a whole lot from these guys but I expected better with all the tours...[read more]

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