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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
All reviews : July 2014
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Boris The Blade : The Human Hive 17/20
(Deathcore- Australia)
Australian deathcore group Boris The Blade formed in 2010 from Melbourne, and has since gained a decent underground following with their debut EP "Tides of Damnation" released in 2011. They later...[read more]

Structures : Life Through a Window 17/20
(Metalcore- Canada)
Canadian hardcore outfit Structures, formerly known as Charity's, was established in 2009 in Toronto. The group has definitely made its mark in the modern metal scene with their EP "All of the Above"...[read more]
Sabaton : Heroes 18/20
(Melodic Power- Sweden)
The thing I love about the metal scene is the variety of bands present. One week we can have a revolutionary doom metal album while the next week we could be hearing a progressive metal album that...[read more]

Vader : Tibi Et Igni 17/20
(Brutal Death- Poland)
Vader know what they’re about and that’s a good thing. The death metal outfit has always been able to release heavy and to the point albums without changing their sound too much over their...[read more]
Anathema (UK) : Distant Satellites 18/20
(Atmospheric Metal- United-Kingdom)
There’s a certain aspect of Anathema’s music that makes it so appealing to listen to, and I can’t pinpoint what it is exactly. There’s so much to their music in their now ten album...[read more]

Linkin Park : The Hunting Party 15/20
(Nu Metal- USA)
Let's face it. A lot of us somewhere have listened to a Linkin Park song and thought it to be pretty good. Hybrid Theory and Meteora are their best selling records and it's clear why. They're really...[read more]
Ipsilon : Las Crónicas de Enki 19/20
(Melodic Heavy- Spain)
And in a very good way, this time. I'm not a huge fan of progressive metal, but I know this band since their first Demo and their first Melodic ways and sincerely... Seems like I prefer the...[read more]

Enkelination : Tears of Lust 13/20
(Gothic Metal- United-Kingdom)
English gothic metal outfit EnkElination formed in 2011, taking a Finnish singer in as their lead. They released their debut EP "Never Ending" the following year, but all three songs from that record...[read more]
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