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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
All reviews : August 2016
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The Melvins : Basses Loaded 14/20
(Grunge- USA)
The Melvins are one of the earliest, if not the oldest band in the grunge genre. They play a unique brand of grunge, which crosses stoner rock with noise rock. The power chords of sludge are mixed...[read more]

Rival Sons : Hollow Bones 16/20
(Hard Rock- USA)
Rival Sons is a relatively young retro hard rock band, who brings us back to the classic textures of the early seventies. Critics often compare their work to the late great Led Zeppelin. But I...[read more]
Uruk-Hai (AUT) : Elbenglanz 17/20
(Dark Ambient- Austria)
Well here it is the new release of austria's most famous Ambient and Dungeon Synth one-man project Uruk-Hai. This new release is the first part of a series of Best of songs from 17 years band history...[read more]

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