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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
All reviews : September 2014
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Ipsilon : Las Crónicas de Enki 19/20
(Melodic Heavy- Spain)
And in a very good way, this time. I'm not a huge fan of progressive metal, but I know this band since their first Demo and their first Melodic ways and sincerely... Seems like I prefer the...[read more]

Chelsea Grin : Ashes to Ashes 17/20
(Deathcore- USA)
The most striking thing about this album is that Chelsea Grin has yet to put out anything quite like it before. Evolve was much more progressive and experimental and My Damnation and Desolation of...[read more]
Wolves In The Throne Room : Celestite 11/20
(Atmospheric Black- USA)
It is not rare that, when a band gets a certain reputation and has established itself in the genre among its peers, that the same band opts to experiment a little, try new approaches to its music and...[read more]

Suicide Silence : You Can't Stop Me 17/20
(Deathcore- USA)
"You Can't Stop Me" is the newest album from deathcore band Suicide Silence and also the very first since the tragic loss of vocalist Mitch Lucker. Filling his shoes is Eddie Hermida, former vocalist...[read more]
Betraying The Martyrs : Phantom 14/20
(Deathcore- France)
Betraying the Martyrs is a Christian Deathcore band from France which have showcased how good the Deathcore genre can be with Breathe in Life. Phantoms was a long anticipated record for me and I was...[read more]

Volumes : No Sleep 18/20
(Progressive Metal- USA)
"No Sleep" is the second full length album from Progressive Metalcore band Volumes and also their first album since 2011's "Via". This album features more clean vocals than Via but don't let that...[read more]
Overkill (USA) : White Devil Armory 17/20
(Thrash Metal- USA)
This reviewer is guilty of criminal neglect. A level of negligence so high that many reading these words may refuse to believe what they see. I have never owned an Overkill album - insert finger...[read more]

Enkelination : Tears of Lust 18/20
(Gothic Metal- United-Kingdom)
English gothic metal outfit EnkElination formed in 2011, taking a Finnish singer in as their lead. They released their debut EP "Never Ending" the following year, but all three songs from that record...[read more]
Whose Hearts Were His : Whose Hearts Were His 14/20
(Deathcore- USA)
Solo project Whose Hearts Were His formed early on in 2014 from Kansas City, Missouri, founded and headed by guitarist Gabe Fry (Solace And Stable, ex-From The Shallows). Although it released its...[read more]

Mouth Of The South : Struggle Well
(Deathcore- USA)
Mouth of the South is a Christian Metalcore band that has released another album before this and one EP. Hailing from the good 'ole Texas this release surely has an impact. How big is this impact?...[read more]
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