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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
All reviews : September 2016
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Blackfoot : Southern Native 13/20
(Southern Rock- USA)
A glance at the lengthy list of past band members that goes over twenty names deep, gives the impression that there is a reason why so many performers have come and gone. Singer/songwriter/rhythm...[read more]

Skillet : Unleashed 14/20
(Alternative Metal- USA)
Skillet features a line up with two female performers and two male performers. Which automatically raises the suspicion that there may be some romantic dalliance between the opposite sexes. Well...[read more]
Uruk-Hai (AUT) : Elbenglanz 17/20
(Dark Ambient- Austria)
Well here it is the new release of austria's most famous Ambient and Dungeon Synth one-man project Uruk-Hai. This new release is the first part of a series of Best of songs from 17 years band history...[read more]

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