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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
All reviews : December 2014
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Blut Aus Nord : Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry 15/20
(Avantgardiste Black- France)
It would be an odd thing if we could get to the end of 2014 without a new full length from the French black metallers. Though there are already a fair number of EPs out there since “777:...[read more]

Fit For A King : Slave to Nothing 18/20
(Metalcore- USA)
Fit for a King is a Christian Metalcore band started in 2007 as an independent band, but gained the attention of solid state records. On their part this was a brilliant decision because with their...[read more]
Amaranthe : Massive Addictive 17/20
(Melodic Metal- Sweden)
Amaranthe is a band that I've first heard of when a friend of mine played a song for me in his phone. It didn't really catch my attention at first, but than I remember the moment downloading the...[read more]

Sonata Arctica : Ecliptica - Revisited 15th Anniversary Edition 12/20
(Melodic Power- Finland)
Re-recorded albums are very big issues and I've been worried what'll come since this band first announced the re-release of one of their best albums. But since I've been listening to Sonata for like...[read more]
Piss Vortex : Piss Vortex 10/20
(Grindcore- Denmark)
Copenhagen based band, Piss Vortex, are a quartet that protrudes a wild amalgamation of crude genres into 14 one to two minute grind tracks. Not much is known about the band, or perhaps my...[read more]

Dronny Darko : Outer Tehom 18/20
(Dark Ambient- Ukraine)
« Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. » Genesis 1.2 I suspect some of you had to read twice the...[read more]
Baring Teeth : Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins 18/20
(Progressive Death- USA)
With 2014 winding down, bands are pushing release dates left and right trying to get their two-cents in before this demanding chapter closes. Texas trio, Baring Teeth, has graciously allowed the fine...[read more]

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