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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
All reviews : March 2015
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Ingested : The Architect of Extinction 18/20
(Brutal Death- United-Kingdom)
British brutal death metal quintet Ingested formed in 2004 from Manchester under the moniker 'Age Of Suffering' before changing their name in 2006. They released their debut full-length "Surpassing...[read more]

Marduk : Frontschwein 16/20
(Brutal Black- Sweden)
The Swedish legends of Black Metal release their 13th full-length album in their 25th anniversary, and here's a brief review you may consider reading just for the sake of reading, because whether you...[read more]
Emergence : Emergence 19/20
(Metalcore- USA)
Ah, Emergence's debut album. Quite a damn good album I must say, with the clean and crisp production this is a good start to 2015 for metal. Emergence is a progressive metalcore/djent album with...[read more]

Periphery : Juggernaut - Alpha 17/20
(Progressive Metal- USA)
Periphery started back in 2005 and slowly built up their progressive metal fan-base, and eventually earned a record deal in 2010 with Sumerian Records. Their first release through Sumerian their...[read more]
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