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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
Все рецензии : Апрель 2012
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Поиск :
Hackneyed : Carnival Cadavre 17/20
(Death Metal- Germany)
Hackneyed is a pretty unique death metal band. I started listening to them several months ago and Carnival Cadavre is the album that stuck out the most to me by far. It just has the best riffs, and...[read more]

Hellhammer : Satanic Rites 17/20
(Thrash Black- Switzerland)
This is the most important Black (Thrash) Demo of all Time, because never did another band influnence so many Bands in the World, and this is the review about their third Demo Satanic Rites. Satanic...[read more]
Hexen : Being and Nothingness 17/20
(Thrash Metal- USA)
Hexen returns this year after a 4 year period of silence with their latest album, Being and Nothingness, this time under their new label, Pulverised Records. That somewhat futuristic and mystical...[read more]

Hollywood Undead : American Tragedy 16/20
(Fusion- USA)
This album compared to their last album really takes the band to a whole new level since the departure of former vocalist Deuce, despite a new recruit, it still sounds just as rebellious yet more...[read more]
Hypothermia : Gråtoner 19/20
(Ambiant Black- Sweden)
I'm sure many people would say if they hear this Album for the first time: "Ah thats way to easy and primitive, I don't listen to such Music...". But the first impression of an Album isn't always...[read more]

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