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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
Все рецензии : Апрель 2012
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Поиск :
Eat A Helicopter : Descend into Darkness 16/20
(Deathcore- USA)
I think it’s obvious enough that the thing that created that initial attraction to most of their listeners was their ridiculous name, Eat a Helicopter. That’s got to be one of the most random...[read more]

Edguy : Age of the Joker 16/20
(Melodic Power- Germany)
With the recent spate of weak releases under Tobias Sammet, including 2008's Tinnitus Sanctus and the recent Avantasia double album - The Wicked Symphony and Angel of Babylon, each album marking his...[read more]
Electrocution : Inside the Unreal 17/20
(Death Metal- Italy)
The early 90s was a good time for metal in general, with the rise of pioneering American death metal bands such as Death, Atheist and Obituary. Apart from the rising death metal genre in America,...[read more]

Emptiness (BEL) : Error 18/20
(Black Death- Belgium)
Featuring among its ranks Enthroned bassist/vocalist Phorgath and guitarist Olve aka Nerath Daemon, this year sees Belgian black/death metal band Emptiness return with their brand new album Error, 5...[read more]
Endstille : Frühlingserwachen 17/20
(Black Metal- Germany)
At first this sure one of the best german black metal albums of all time. It has many good songs. The title song for "Frühlingserwachen" is very cool and smart. But what do they mean with...[read more]

Escape The Fate : Escape the Fate 15/20
(Emo Metal- USA)
Escape the Fate is pretty much the band that got me into metal so I will not ever completely give up on them. This album is a dissapointment though. There are 4-5 tracks that are decent, but out of...[read more]
Exist†trace : The Last Daybreak 14/20
(Visual Kei- Japan)
The Last Daybreak belongs to the guitars this time. While bassist Naoto and drummer Mally do excellent work with the tricky turns of “Daybreak” and “be Naked”, they’re in supporting roles...[read more]

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