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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
Все рецензии : Апрель 2012
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Поиск :
Bad English : Bad English 17/20
(Hard Rock- USA)
Times they change. I remembered this morning when playing my Bad English LP how confused I used to be about that second song "Heaven is a 4 Letter Word." Back in 1989, I was a 13-years-old teenager...[read more]

Before The Dawn : Rise of the Phoenix 17/20
(Melodic Death- Finland)
Roughly a year after releasing one of the best albums of 2011, the Finnish melodic death powerhouse known as Before the Dawn is back with a strong follow-up known as The Rise of the Phoenix. I’ve...[read more]
Behemoth (PL) : Demigod 18/20
(Death Black- Poland)
I first saw Behemoth play live at the Mayhem Festival in 2009. Before then, I had never even heard of Behemoth. A couple of days after I was left speechless by the power of Behemoth’s performance...[read more]

Benighted Leams : Astral Tenebrion 13/20
(Black Metal- United-Kingdom)
I would like to give this album 20/20….. BUT I’m going to deduct 10 points for bad execution, and 5 points for the artist himself. Leaving 5 points for some good ideas and production. So we’ll...[read more]
Black Sabbath : Sabotage 17/20
(Heavy Metal- United-Kingdom)
This album is nothing short of a heavy metal masterpiece, in my opinion. Sabbath really redefined their sound and peaked with both this and their previous release, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. One can...[read more]

Bound By Exile : Defilement 19/20
(Brutal Death- United-Kingdom)
Deathcore, deathcore, deathcore, a genre of metal which currently is populated by young bands and young musicians who have high hopes and ambitions, attempting to become “the next big thing”. You...[read more]
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