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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
Todas las crónicas : Abril 2012
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Agruss : Morok 16/20
(Black Metal- Ukraine)
With a name and album artwork as such, it is easy for one to mistake Ukraine's Agruss for an atmospheric black metal band that plays depressive and melancholic music in the veins of what French bands...[read more]

Algol (ITA) : Complex Shapes 19/20
(Melodic Death- Italy)
Algol have been an absolute positive surprise to me. The name spells "I have heard of them somewhere else" but, as it is probably one of the most abused band names in the world, I thought it was...[read more]
Amputated : Wading Through Rancid Offal 17/20
(Brutal Death- United-Kingdom)
Amputated is a name which is well known throughout the UK and the rest of the world in terms of brutal death metal. The band first came to light with the Up to Our Nuts in Guts split album with...[read more]

Anathema (UK) : Weather Systems 18/20
(Atmospheric Metal- United-Kingdom)
For a big Anathema fan it feels almost like a sacrilege to review any of their albums, especially when it comes to Weather Systems, it is pretty much like walking on thin ice. The band itself...[read more]
Ankou Awaits : Crog Buidhe 15/20
(Black Metal- USA)
Crog Buidhe, is a tale of an old warrior on a quest to save the lives, and the honor of his sons. Set to pounding drums, and brutal guitar riffs, Crog Buidhe is as heavy and chaotic as any could wish...[read more]

As Blood Runs Black : Instinct 17/20
(Deathcore- USA)
Well first off, I know miniradman already did a great review of Instinct. But, I'm trying to do a review on every album I own a physical copy of. So I'll try and give you my opinion and not copy his...[read more]
Asking Alexandria : Stand Up and Scream 18/20
(Metalcore- United-Kingdom)
We all have guilty pleasures in music (although I wouldn’t say that I feel “guilty” about any of my likes in music). There are always those bands and artists out there that we absolutely love,...[read more]

Attila (USA-2) : Outlawed 16/20
(Deathcore- USA)
Attila is what some people refer to as 'Party Metal,' All their lyrics are based on getting drunk, high or girls and obviously partying. Some parts of songs can just be really stupid and annoying but...[read more]
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