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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
Все рецензии : Март 2012
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Lamentations Of The Ashen : In Distance (Implorations Unto the Wind) 17/20
(Black Metal- USA)
Lamentations of the Ashen is one of my very favorite bands. Some might think that it’s just simply because they’re from the depressive black metal (DBM) genre, but that would be wrong. Out of the...[read more]

Loincloth : Iron Balls of Steel 4/20
(Progressive Metal- USA)
I’m sure this has happened to many metalheads out there, or heck, to anyone who likes music. You’re listening to an album that’s quite good; the first few songs are loaded with memorable...[read more]
Lost Inside : Hearts Will Grow Heavy
(Black Metal- USA)
It seems that my love for Lost Inside grows each time I get another album by them. In the year 2011, Lost Inside did a Devin Townsend-type move where they released multiple albums, but each of them...[read more]

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