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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
Все рецензии : Март 2012
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Поиск :
A Hill To Die Upon : Infinite Titanic Immortal 16/20
(Unblack- USA)
Hail to the majesty of hill, where we all will die (I mean the name of the band). This album once again proves that Christians can be brutal, and not only brutal, original too. There are many people...[read more]

A Past Unknown : To Those Perishing 16/20
(Metalcore- USA)
I’ve known about A Past Unknown for almost four years. I recently saw them for the second time last weekend and picked up a copy of their debut full-length after chatting with the band. I had heard...[read more]
Abazagorath : Abazagorath 16/20
(Black Metal- USA)
Abazagorath can be considered veterans of black metal in their own rights, having formed all the way back in 1995 despite the scattered releases that they have released over the year. This year marks...[read more]

Annotations Of An Autopsy : Before the Throne of Infection 16/20
(Deathcore- United-Kingdom)
Before the Throne of Infection has been and always will be one of my favorite deathcore albums. I don’t really know what the definition of so-called “pussy deathcore” because some of the...[read more]
Aosoth : III: Violence & Variations 17/20
(Black Metal- France)
If you like the angry and insane sounds of Xasthur and Gorgoroth, but looking for something with a little more of a traditional black metal sound that has some grit, Aosoth is what you need, my...[read more]

Arkhum : Anno Universum 10/20
(Death Black- USA)
Arkhum is one of the newer sci-fi themed technical death bands that have been rising out of the Earth’s molten core. I found these guys on a blog that promotes (mostly) underground technical death...[read more]
Autopsy (USA) : The Tomb Within 16/20
(Death Metal- USA)
Autopsy is known as one of the monsters of old school death metal (and death metal in general). When their 1987 Demo, Stillborn was released, Autopsy’s music reached ears all across the world....[read more]

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