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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
All reviews : February 2012
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Sabbat (JAP) : Sabbatrinity 18/20
(Thrash Black- Japan)
Long considered as one of the premier metal bands out of the Asian continent (along with Singapore's Abhorer), none of the prior Sabbat material managed to attract me, not until their most recent...[read more]

Severed Crotch : The Nature of Entropy 14/20
(Technical Death- Iceland)
I found these guys via Amputated Vein Records a couple of months ago but never bothered to look them up until a couple of weeks ago. Here’s one thing that really screwed me over, when I see a name...[read more]
Slaughterbox : The Ubiquity of Subjugation 16/20
(Technical Death- USA)
Slaugherbox has been around for a long time considering that they just released their first album only a couple of months ago. I remember seeing them live in California in 2009 at the HUGE California...[read more]

Slaughtery : Path-(to)-Logic 15/20
(Technical Death- Belgium)
Slaughtery is an underground technical brutal death band from Belgium (although I have them listed simply as technical death). The reason why I’m choosing to write a review on these guys is because...[read more]
Sphere (PL) : Homo Hereticus 14/20
(Death Metal- Poland)
Among all the different regions where death metal has come from, the Polish scene has been particularly enchanting, with bands like Behemoth and Vader being some of the more prominent flag-bearers of...[read more]

Structures : Divided by 17/20
(Metalcore- Canada)
Struc/tures is a young progressive metalcore group that is appropriately signed on to Sumerian Records. Sumerian Records is known for being the home to several progressive metal/death/screamo artists...[read more]
Sunn O))) : ØØ Void 14/20
(Drone- USA)
Sunn O))) is one of the most unique groups of all time and I am proud to say that despite what I probably have made you believe about my views on music, they are also one of my favorite bands of all...[read more]

Svarttjern : Towards the Ultimate 17/20
(Brutal Black- Norway)
Svarttjern was a chance encounter after discovering Ragnarok back in 2010 with the latter's album, Collectors of the King and the impressive vocal work of HansFyrste on the album. Listening to...[read more]
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