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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
All reviews : February 2012
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Periphery : Periphery 17/20
(Modern Metal- USA)
Periphery hasn’t even been in the music industry for more than two years and they’ve already sold a surprising amount of records and headlined their own tour! They released their debut...[read more]

Pharaoh (USA-1) : Bury the Light 13/20
(Power Metal- USA)
USA's Pharaoh this year releases their fourth full length album, Bury the Light. Having already released 3 overall pretty well-received full length albums and almost 15 years of playing experience,...[read more]
Primal (PL) : Deathzone 10/20
(Black Metal- Poland)
A chance encounter with this Polish, one-man black metal project, Primal, on the 3-way split with fellow Poles Iugulatus and Deep Desolation left me slightly disappointed, for Poland has been a...[read more]

Prosanctus Inferi : Red Streams of Flesh 16/20
(Thrash Black- USA)
Prosanctus Inferi's 2010 full length album Pandemonic Ululations of Vesperic Palpitations instantly caught my ear, with the band's unique take on black/death metal. Unlike their Canadian counterparts...[read more]
Psychopathic Terror : Revolt 7/20
(Thrash Death- Finland)
Psychopathic Terror is most commonly known as the much heavier side project of Korpiklaani drummer, Matson. I’ve certainly never heard of these guys (at least not in the metal world), and it sort...[read more]

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