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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
All reviews : February 2012
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Dead (GER) : Hardnaked...but Dead 14/20
(Grind Death- Germany)
Veteran German death metal/grindcore band Dead returns after 2 years with yet another full length album displaying their perversity and morbid humour, entitled Hardnaked... but Dead. 20 years of...[read more]

Deadly Carnage : Sentiero II: Ceneri 12/20
(Black Metal- Italy)
I guess there should always be some sort of disclaimer when accepting a review. For instance, when a band says they play “Black Doom” like in the case of Deadly Carnage and their newest stuff...[read more]
Dies Irae (MEX) : Secret Veils of Passion 14/20
(Progressive Death- Mexico)
Prior to encountering Dies Irae from Mexico, the only other Dies Irae that I knew was the Polish band, with their furious brand of death metal. Mexico's Dies Irae, however, presents a totally...[read more]

Dragonsclaw : Prophecy 16/20
(Power Metal- Australia)
This is what I really live for, to hear albums like these that are filled with passion and a drive behind it that gives the listeners something that's really worth waiting for. Dragonsclaw's debut...[read more]
Dream Theater : A Dramatic Turn of Events 17/20
(Progressive Metal- USA)
Dream Theater of late has been known more for the drama between ex-drummer Mike Portnoy and the band, first with the departure of Portnoy, then the dramatisation of the auditions for drummers, with...[read more]

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