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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
Todas as críticas : Fevereiro 2012
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Undergang (DK-2) : Til Døden os Skiller 14/20
(Death Metal- Denmark)
Undergang's debut release Indhentet af Døden hit me like a fucking wall of concrete when it was first released back in 2010, with the crushing sound that the band giving the listener the feeling as...[read more]

Aggression (ESP) : Viocracy 16/20
(Thrash Metal- Spain)
Spanish thrash metal band Aggression this year releases their second full length album, Viocracy, 3 years after the well-received Moshpirit. With the large number of bands playing old-school thrash...[read more]
Waning (SWE) : The Human Condition 18/20
(Black Metal- Sweden)
I’m one of the few people that will jump on and listen to every new black metal band and/or record I hear about. There have been several instances that have left me disappointed, but there have...[read more]

Swallow The Sun : Emerald Forest and the Blackbird 17/20
(Death Doom- Finland)
Swallow The Sun is a legend in the metal scene. Hailing from Finland since 2000, this group has painted their reputation in the music world as one of the pioneers of dramatic, doom-induced, and...[read more]
Faithreat : Thrashing with the Stars 19/20
(Thrash Metal- Greece)
Released in the middle of fuckin' winter, here comes a 7inch release from the 5 stooges of Faithreat that reminds us there's still summer in our hearts!! Co-released by 4 labels in 350 hand-numbered...[read more]

Back To R'lyeh : Horrible Warning 14/20
(Progressive Metal- Spain)
Back To R'lyeh is a band from Spain bringing spreading their fresh brand of progressive metal with the release of their debut demo Horrible Warning. To be honest, I rarely do reviews or my opinions...[read more]
Mudface : Anti 12/20
(Thrash Heavy- USA)
The rebirth of Thrash Metal that occurred in the last few years has given rise to all kinds of more or less interesting bands. Some of them pay tribute to the old-school sound, some mix it with other...[read more]

4 Arm : Submission for Liberty 17/20
(Thrash Metal- Australia)
Perhaps one of the greatest attractions to any form of extreme music is that it fosters a feeling of independence from the cops, and other authority figures who impose manipulative mind control...[read more]
Master's Hammer : Vracejte Konve na Místo 17/20
(Experimental Metal- Czech-Republic)
Ages ago I remember downloading Master Hammer's debut album Ritual because of the hype I had heard about it. I absent-mindedly listened to it once or twice, not paying a ton of attention to it. I...[read more]

Stam1na : Nocebo 17/20
(Metal- Finland)
How would it be possible to introduce such a unique band like Stam1na? A band that pushed away the limits of metal, mixing the most extremes genres like thrash, djent, progressive, hardcore and so...[read more]
Nocturnal Torment : They Come at Night 15/20
(Death Metal- USA)
Despite the band's formation being way back in 1988, They Come at Night is American death metal band Nocturnal Torment's debut full length album, with their only other release being their 2009 demo....[read more]

Sphere (PL) : Homo Hereticus 14/20
(Death Metal- Poland)
Among all the different regions where death metal has come from, the Polish scene has been particularly enchanting, with bands like Behemoth and Vader being some of the more prominent flag-bearers of...[read more]
Psycroptic : The Inherited Repression 16/20
(Technical Death- Australia)
I remember first listening to Ob(Servant) when it came out. Before that, the only technical death bands I had heard were The Black Dahlia Murder and Decrepit Birth. So with Psycroptic being one of...[read more]

Eluveitie : Helvetios 16/20
(Folk Death- Switzerland)
Eluveitie has been in my music collection since late 2009 when I got Slania. When the band posted the music video for their (at the time) brand new song, Thousandfold, I went to Nuclear Blast and...[read more]
Lavagoat : Monoliths of Mars 14/20
(Stoner Doom- Canada)
In 20102, Lavagoat had impressed me, and not only me mind you. Their self-released eponymous album was fresh and chiseled with great tracks. I had at the time insisted on their close similarity with...[read more]

Mass Burial (ESP) : Of Carrion and Pestilence 15/20
(Death Metal- Spain)
I had to check a few things before getting on to this review. Yes, Mass Burial is a Spanish band and maybe I suck at geography but I had to take another closer look at the map of Europe to realize...[read more]
Earth (USA) : Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II 17/20
(Drone- USA)
For those pining for more of Earth's earlier dro)))ne material, I'd encourage you to look elsewhere. I think you know as well as I do that you won't find it here. Earth's material since their regroup...[read more]

Wykked Wytch : The Ultimate Deception 17/20
(Black Death- USA)
Ah, Wykked Wytch. One of the most confusing bands I've ever heard of. Mainly because bands usually either start off strong and become worse, or they stay the same. Wykked Wytch is that rare band that...[read more]
Gravelord : Remains of the Legion 18/20
(Melodic Death- Venezuela)
Gravelord is a young band from my country, their demo "Remains of the Legion" came to me through some friends who recommended me this demo. Despite the poor quality of the demo I must say I liked...[read more]

Nexhymn : Black Horizon
(Brutal Death- USA)
Air raid sirens and a hail of machine gun fire open the gates and welcome the oncoming clangor of war. There is no way you could not compare NEXHYMN and their style of death metal to the savagery...[read more]
Pharaoh (USA-1) : Bury the Light 13/20
(Power Metal- USA)
USA's Pharaoh this year releases their fourth full length album, Bury the Light. Having already released 3 overall pretty well-received full length albums and almost 15 years of playing experience,...[read more]

Lanfear : This Harmonic Consonance 17/20
(Power Metal- Germany)
To be honest with every one of you reading this text, I have never heard before of Lanfear, but it is never too late for a new beginning and here I am. When I received the album and saw the artwork,...[read more]
Rage (GER) : 21 16/20
(Speed Heavy- Germany)
Through the last ten years ambassadors, main players, heroes and many others from the kingdom of power metal, on their way to maintain their identity alive, they tried to be out of their field, by...[read more]

The Safety Fire : Grind the Ocean 18/20
(Experimental Metal- United-Kingdom)
In the past few years, thanks to Misha "Bulb" Mansoor of progressive metal band Periphery, numerous bands have been attempting to jump onto the "djent" bandwagon and become leaders of this new...[read more]
Corrosion Of Conformity : Corrosion of Conformity 17/20
(Sludge Metal- USA)
Corrosion of Conformity are not only returning with their new self-titled album but also returning as the original, legendary trio with Mike Dean on bass and vocals, Woody Weatherman on guitar and...[read more]

Funeral Whore : Step into Damnation 16/20
(Death Metal- Netherlands)
The Dutch death metal scene seems pretty active lately, with bands like pioneering death metal band Asphyx's announcement of a new release and also the rise of newer bands such as Massive Assault,...[read more]
I The Breather : Truth and Purpose 17/20
(Metalcore- USA)
I’m going to be honest: as a whole, I’m not a big fan of the metalcore genre, but there are several amazing metalcore bands. Just to list off a few of my favorite metalcore bands, there’s Miss...[read more]

Veil Of Maya (USA) : Eclipse 16/20
(Deathcore- USA)
The technical deathcore band Veil of Maya has been blowing people away since their 2008 release of The Common Man’s Collapse. I’ve always liked them, but I’ve never been BLOWN AWAY by their...[read more]
Abominable Putridity : The Anomalies of Artificial Origin 16/20
(Brutal Death- Russia)
Abominable Putridity was the band that proved to me that some of the best underground brutal death bands come from Russia. I’m not saying that THE BEST come from Russia, I’m saying that most of...[read more]

Circle Of Ouroborus : The Lost Entrance of the Just 16/20
(Avantgardiste Black- Finland)
Carrying on with their new found ambient layered sound, The Lost Entrance of the Just shows significant improvements over the mediocre Eleven Fingers, dropping much of the monotony that defined said...[read more]
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