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Graves Of Valor
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All reviews : December 2010
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Halford : Halford IV - Made of Metal 16/20
(Heavy Metal- United-Kingdom)
The Metal God is here again. The moment that Judas Priest have no announcements about a new album or something else, Rob Halford has recorded the album Made of Metal showing that he can still sing...[read more]

Heavenwood : Diva 18/20
(Gothic Metal- Portugal)
Debut album from this band from Oporto, Portugal with a cover that has "gothic" written all over, but I usually say that album covers help to sell, but don't help the music inside. This is not the...[read more]
Heavenwood : Redemption 16/20
(Gothic Metal- Portugal)
It has been a long hiatus for Heavenwood since "Swallow" was released. I even thought the band had split up, but fortunately they haven't and this release arrived to me as a big surprise. I was...[read more]

Hyban Draco : Frozen Whispers 20/20
(Black Death- Spain)
This album is the culmination of Hyban Draco work in his early years. It contains the same songs of the first unofficial CD 'Frozen Sky' because the band wanted to made that album official with Copro...[read more]
Hyban Draco : A Prophecy of Insane 20/20
(Black Death- Spain)
This is the official debut of Hyban Draco, this three songs demo reflects that this band, leaded by Hyban Sparda, has been working in Black metal. The songs are well played and generally the sound...[read more]

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