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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
Todas as críticas : Dezembro 2010
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Neuronspoiler : No One's Safe 14/20
(Heavy Metal- United-Kingdom)
Forming back in 2009, London's Neuronspoiler releases their debut EP, No One's Safe in 2010. With each member hailing from a different country, it would be interesting to see how these 5 forces...[read more]

Disentomb : Sunken Chambers of Nephilim 17/20
(Brutal Death- Australia)
[Originally posted November 29, 2011] Before late 2010, the only brutal death bands I listened to were big names like Cryptopsy, Nile, Suffocation, Aborted, and a couple of underground bands such as...[read more]
Antediluvian (CAN) : Watchers' Reign 15/20
(Black Death- Canada)
Antediluvian is a beast. An untamed and insidiously dangerous one. Some of us may have already thought we’d reach the bottom of horror and bestiality but with this new sonic aggression regrouping...[read more]

Dystrophic : Dystrophic 14/20
(Technical Death- USA)
It's unfortunate that I'm not the type of guy who listens to this overly-loud psychotic death/grind metal, because I feel that I'm probably missing something that most grindcore and slam-death metal...[read more]
Ethelyn : Devilicious 18/20
(Death Black- Poland)
Call me stupid! I was listening and listening again to Ethelyn’s sophomore release Devilicious and the more I played the record the more I was finding it very close in sound to Repossession’s...[read more]

Aborted Fetus : Fatal Dogmatic Damage 18/20
(Brutal Death- Russia)
It’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed an underground brutal death album, so I thought I should let you know about a young brutal death band known as Aborted Fetus. This band is one out of many...[read more]
Yonsample : Paraphernalia 16/20
(Metal- India)
Yonsample is a 5-piece metal act arising from India, from the city Calcutta. Formed in 2008, the band has played many local & national gigs & are quite well-known in the local circuit. With their...[read more]

Gallow God : False Mystical Prose 15/20
(Doom Metal- United-Kingdom)
It seemed that in the last few years, the Doom Metal scene was mostly concentrated around Scandinavia and mainly Finland with figureheads like Reverend Bizarre or Spiritus Mortis. Even the most...[read more]
Shades Of Retribution : Xongram 20/20
(Death Metal- India)
SHADES oF RETRIBUTION is a relatively new name in the music scene of the land from which they belong, Assam, India. This land and its people have always been passionate about music, always striving...[read more]

Patterns : The Chosen 16/20
(Metalcore- USA)
Imagine the most recent popular mainstream trends when it comes to hard&heavy genre and mix them in a very likeable but still not selling out way. This is exactly what EP The Chosen sounds like....[read more]
Ad Patres (FRA) : Promo 13/20
(Death Metal- France)
Who wrote that France was only a country good enough to produce Black Metal? Sure, the glorious days of Massacra and Loublast are long gone but Death Metal has never been so healthy in a scene that...[read more]

Turbocharged : AntiXtian 15/20
(Thrash Heavy- Sweden)
An album with a name like AntiXtian can only mean a couple of things: first, the lyrical themes of this album are going to be typical cheesy-as-shit anti-Christian. At the same time it won't be...[read more]
December Dies Alone : When Memories Faught to Dissolve 17/20
(Metalcore- Lebanon)
When Memories Faught to Dissolve is a two track EP that was released by Lebanese metalcore/melodic hardcore band December Dies Alone. This EP was released in 2010 by the band themselves. When people...[read more]

Fail Emotions : Transfornation 19/20
(Electro Metal- Russia)
Usually anything with the core suffix sends me running, personally I have a very low tolerance for that sort of stuff. Add electronic as a prefix and I'll be gone in a flash. Music like this usually...[read more]
Prepared Like A Bride : Within World's Apart 18/20
(Deathcore- Australia)
It never ceases to amaze me on how awesome the Australian metalcore/deathcore scene it. There is just so much talent tucked away in pretty much every city or town and it’s only until these bands...[read more]

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