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Universal Music Group

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Universal Music Group : Latest Videos
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Universal Music Group : Latest News
The Cherrytree Pop Alternative Tour Comes to Europe
published on 01/10/2012 Following the overwhelming response of the Cherrytree Pop Alternative Tour in Canada, Cherrytree Records, Your Pop Alternative™, hosts party rockers LMFA

New Video: Cristian Castro "Vamos A Darnos Tiempo"
published on 01/05/2012 

New Video: Mary J. Blige "Mr. Wrong"
published on 12/26/2011 

New Video: Toby Keith "Red Solo Cup"
published on 12/22/2011 

New Video: Lady Gaga "Marry The Night"
published on 12/22/2011 

New Video: Birdman "Y.U. MAD"
published on 12/22/2011 

New Video: Babasonicos "Deshoras"
published on 12/22/2011 

New Video: Dallas Smith "Somebody Somewhere"
published on 12/22/2011 

New Video: All Time Low "Time-Bomb"
published on 12/22/2011 

New Video: Electric Touch "Don't Stop"
published on 12/22/2011 

Universal Music Group : All the productions
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  • Valentine (NL) : Androgenius
  • Valentine (NL) : Falling Down in Misanthropolis
  • Vamps : Sex Blood Rock'n'Roll
  • Vamps : Bloodsuckers
  • Vanilla Ice : Hard to Swallow
  • Verdena : Requiem
  • Verdena : Solo un Grande Sasso
  • Verdena : Il Suicido del Samurai
  • Verdena : Verdena
  • Verjnuarmu : Itkuvirsj'
  • Verjnuarmu : Kurjuuvven Valssi
  • Villieläin : Kaiverrettu Hiekkaan
  • Villieläin : Julma Satu
  • Villieläin : Kuoleman Suudelma
  • Villieläin : Voittamatton
  • Volbeat : 16 Dollars
  • Volbeat : Fallen (EP)
  • Volbeat : Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies
  • Voodoo Highway : Showdown
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