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Unique Leader Records

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Unique Leader Records : Dernières News
THE ZENITH PASSAGE + THE KENNEDY VEIL To Join Devastation On The Nation Tour This Week Featuring Cryptopsy, Decrepit Birth, And More
THE ZENITH PASSAGE and THE KENNEDY VEIL will join the Devastation On The Nation tour this Friday. The brutal mega tour features headliners Cryptopsy and Decrepit Birth, with additional support prov

CYTOTOXIN To Release Gammageddon Full-Length On July 21st; New Track Streaming
During the night of April 26th, 1986, a world-changing accident occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine. A catastrophic meltdown befell Reactor No. 4, resulting in core explosions

MetalSucks is Giving Away Devastation on the Nation Tickets
MetalSucks is Giving Away Tickets to Every Stop of the Devastation on the Nation Tour! In a little more than a week, the MetalSucks-sponsored Devastation on the Nation Tour — featuring Cryptopsy

INTERNAL BLEEDING To Carry On Following The Passing Of Drummer Bill Tolley; Strike Of The Empire US Tour With Vader Draws Near
“…we think it’s only appropriate that we do this tour, continue with the band, and continue to release music in Bill’s memory, and in the memory for all those metalhead men and women who ha

STILLBIRTH Joins Unique Leader Records; European Tour Underway
Long-running German death metal legion STILLBIRTH is the latest addition to Unique Leader Records’ expansive family of brutality. The band will unleash their fifth full-length, Annihilation Of Ma

Unique Leader Records : Toutes les productions
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  • Abominable Putridity : The Anomalies of Artificial Origin
  • Abominable Putridity : The Anomalies of Artificial Origin (Remixed & Remastered)
  • Acrania (UK) : Totalitarian Dystopia
  • Aeon (SWE) : Bleeding the False
  • Agiel : Dark Pantheons Again Will Reign
  • Ahtme : The Demonization
  • Alterbeast : Immortal
  • Annihilated : XIII Steps to Ruination
  • Applaud The Impaler : Anthropophagi
  • Arkaik : Reflections Within Dissonance
  • Arkaik : Metamorphignition
  • Arkaik : Lucid Dawn
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