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Nuclear Blast

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Nuclear Blast : Latest Videos
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Nuclear Blast : Latest News
BELPHEGOR – ‘Conjuring The Dead’ video
Diabolical Death/ Black Metal troop BELPHEGOR are premiering the official music video for ‘Conjuring The Dead’ – the title track of their brand new masterpiece, which will be out on August 5th

ENSLAVED – Ivar Bjørnson to curate ...
ENSLAVED guitarist Ivar Bjørnson has been announced as one of the curators of Roadburn Festival 2015 alongside WARDRUNA's Einar Kvitrafn Selvik. As curators, both Ivar and Einar will personally selec

ELUVEITIE – teaser for "The Call Of The ...
Swiss superstars of New Wave Of Folk Metal, ELUVEITIE, have uploaded a teaser clip whetting our appetite for the upcoming "The Call Of The Mountains” official video! Check it out here:

CROBOT – sign to Nuclear Blast!
Nuclear Blast are pleased to announce the signing of Pennsylvanian based band CROBOT for the territory of Europe. Frontman Brandon Yeagley has stated his excitement to sign with the prestigious rock

OVERKILL – official ‘Bitter Pill’ music ...
Jersey Thrash legends OVERKILL have just put out the official music video for the track ‘Bitter Pill’ from their brand new album »White Devil Armory«. Check out the clip here:

SABATON – BATTLE BEAST announced as ...
Today, Swedish Heavy Metal heroes SABATON announce Finnish labelmates BATTLE BEAST as well as Dutch Symphonic Metal band DELAIN as the official supports for their 2015 European tour. The following

DORO - to celebrate "30 Years - Strong & ...
2014 has been a very special year for DORO and her band. Celebrating 30 Years of Rock & Metal with fans from all over the world...and the response has been absolutely fantastic. After a massive 2-nigh

SUMMER BREEZE - tickets running low
If you want to attend the SUMMER BREEZE party in August you better hurry. The anticipation is growing: In mid August 111 bands will play at SUMMER BREEZE, but they are slowly running out of tickets. S

OVERKILL - »White Devil Armory« out now!
The waiting is finally over as Jersey Thrash legends OVERKILL release their brand new creation »White Devil Armory« today! The international media have been raving about the new band’s new album,

HAMMERFALL – new single ‘Bushido’ out now ...
Swedish Heavy Metal pioneers HAMMERFALL are about to release their brand new masterpiece »(r)Evolution«, which will be out on August 29 (Sweden: 27.08., UK: 01.09., USA: 02.09.) via Nuclear Blast.

Nuclear Blast : All the productions
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  • I : Between Two Worlds
  • Ideas : ?rizd A Szíved - Hide Your Heart
  • Illdisposed : Return from Tomorrow - Attitudes and Long Term Adjustment of Patients Surviving Cardiac Arrest
  • Illdisposed : Four Depressive Seasons
  • Immolation : Majesty and Decay
  • Immolation : Kingdom of Conspiracy
  • Immortal : Sons of Northern Darkness
  • Immortal : All Shall Fall
  • Immortal : The Seventh Date of Blashyrkh (DVD)
  • Immortal : Immortal - Hypocrisy
  • Immortal : Live at BB Kings Club New York 2003
  • Immortal : The Seventh Date of Blashyrkh
  • Imperanon : Stained
  • Impulse Manslaughter : Logical End
  • Impulse Manslaughter : He Who Laughs Last...Laughs Alone
  • In Arkadia : Wasteland Chronicles
  • In Flames : The Mirror's Truth (Single)
  • In Flames : Soundtrack to Your Escape
  • In Flames : Black-Ash Inheritance
  • In Flames : The Quiet Place
  • In Flames : The Mirror's Truth
  • In Flames : Live & Plugged
  • In Flames : Trigger (DVD)
  • In Flames : Clayman
  • In Flames : Whoracle
  • In Flames : Used and Abused - In Live We Trust
  • In Flames : Delight and Angers
  • In Flames : In Flames and More
  • In Flames : Colony
  • In Flames : The Jester Race
  • In Flames : Trigger
  • In Flames : Alias
  • In Flames : Soundtrack to Your Escape (Teaser CD II)
  • In Flames : In Flames
  • In Flames : Reroute to Remain
  • In Flames : The Tokyo Showdown
  • In Flames : Come Clarity
  • In Flames : Cloud Connected
  • In Flames : A Sense of Purpose
  • In Flames : Take This Life - Leeches
  • In Flames : Soundtrack to Your Escape (Teaser CD I)
  • In Flames : Soundtrack to Your Escape - Bonus DVD
  • Incantation : Mortal Throne of Nazarene
  • Incubus (USA-3) : Beyond the Unknown
  • Indica (FIN) : A Definite Maybe
  • Indica (FIN) : In Passing
  • Indica (FIN) : Shine
  • Indica (FIN) : A Way Away
  • Inhuman Conditions : Deserve No Respect
  • Iron Maiden (UK-1) : A Tribute to the Beast Vol. 2
  • Iron Maiden (UK-1) : A Tribute to the Beast Vol.1
  • Iskald : Revelations of Reckoning Day
  • Ivenberg : Wunden
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