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Nuclear Blast

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Nuclear Blast : Latest Videos
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Nuclear Blast : Latest News
BATTLE BEAST – First trailer released!
BATTLE BEAST are about to release their third, upcoming new record »Unholy Savior« on January 09 (EU), January 12 (UK) and January 27 (US) 2015 via Nuclear Blast. Today BATTLE BEAST reveal their

CROBOT - release tour trailer!
Following their explosive European live debut supporting THE VIRGINMARYS in the UK back in September of this year, Central Pennsylvania-based retro rockers CROBOT recently announced that they will be

ANTHRAX – studio recordings started
ANTHRAX, along with producer Jay Ruston, is currently in a Los Angeles studio recording the follow up to their 2011 Grammy-nominated, critically-acclaimed album “Worship Music”. The band - Char

SONIC SYNDICATE - release music video
Anglo-Swedish modern metal powerhouse SONIC SYNDICATE have posted the official music video for the song 'Catching Fire' from the recently released self-titled album. The video includes live footage wh

Riverside, CA based death metallers SUICIDE SILENCE, fellow California residents CARNIFEX and manga mosh metallers RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR have been announced for 2015's installment of the renowned Impe

BLACK STAR RIDERS - release lyric video ...
Fresh from the critically acclaimed debut album »All Hell Breaks Loose« in 2013, BLACK STAR RIDERS are set to release a new studio album, »The Killer Instinct«, on February 20 (EU), 23 (UK), 24 (U

ENSLAVED - new album details revealed
“In Times” will be the title of the thirteenth studio album by Norwegian progressive extreme metallers ENSLAVED. Hand-painted artwork is by long-time collaborating artist and “sixth ENSLAVED me

SYMPHONY X – Le travail sur le prochain ...
Ces derniers mois, le silence s’était installé chez SYMPHONY X. Mais c’était en réalité le silence avant la tempête, car les musiciens étaient en réalité en plein travail, si bien que le

DIABLO BLVD – Première partie de EPICA en ...
DIABLO BLVD, le meilleur du rock/metal groovy belge, a annoncé sa participation à la prochaine tournée européenne des compagnons de label EPICA en janvier 2015. Voir les dates ci-dessous. DIABL

MELECHESH – Les commentaires du frontman ...
Les pionniers du thrash/black sumériens MELCHESH ont révélé il y a peu les noms des invités présents sur leur prochain album »Enki«. Le successeur du chef-d’œuvre de 2010 »The Epigenesi

Nuclear Blast : All the productions
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  • I : Between Two Worlds
  • Ideas : ?rizd A Szíved - Hide Your Heart
  • Illdisposed : Return from Tomorrow - Attitudes and Long Term Adjustment of Patients Surviving Cardiac Arrest
  • Illdisposed : Four Depressive Seasons
  • Immolation : Majesty and Decay
  • Immolation : Kingdom of Conspiracy
  • Immortal : The Seventh Date of Blashyrkh (DVD)
  • Immortal : Sons of Northern Darkness
  • Immortal : All Shall Fall
  • Immortal : Immortal - Hypocrisy
  • Immortal : The Seventh Date of Blashyrkh
  • Immortal : Live at BB Kings Club New York 2003
  • Imperanon : Stained
  • Impulse Manslaughter : Logical End
  • Impulse Manslaughter : He Who Laughs Last...Laughs Alone
  • In Arkadia : Wasteland Chronicles
  • In Flames : Trigger (DVD)
  • In Flames : The Mirror's Truth (Single)
  • In Flames : Soundtrack to Your Escape
  • In Flames : Black-Ash Inheritance
  • In Flames : The Quiet Place
  • In Flames : The Mirror's Truth
  • In Flames : Live & Plugged
  • In Flames : In Flames and More
  • In Flames : Clayman
  • In Flames : Whoracle
  • In Flames : Used and Abused - In Live We Trust
  • In Flames : Delight and Angers
  • In Flames : Soundtrack to Your Escape (Teaser CD II)
  • In Flames : In Flames
  • In Flames : Colony
  • In Flames : The Jester Race
  • In Flames : Trigger
  • In Flames : Alias
  • In Flames : Soundtrack to Your Escape - Bonus DVD
  • In Flames : Reroute to Remain
  • In Flames : The Tokyo Showdown
  • In Flames : Come Clarity
  • In Flames : Cloud Connected
  • In Flames : A Sense of Purpose
  • In Flames : Take This Life - Leeches
  • In Flames : Soundtrack to Your Escape (Teaser CD I)
  • Incantation : Mortal Throne of Nazarene
  • Incubus (USA-3) : Beyond the Unknown
  • Indica (FIN) : In Passing
  • Indica (FIN) : A Definite Maybe
  • Indica (FIN) : Shine
  • Indica (FIN) : Precious Dark
  • Indica (FIN) : A Way Away
  • Indica (FIN) : Islands of Light
  • Inhuman Conditions : Deserve No Respect
  • Iron Maiden (UK-1) : A Tribute to the Beast Vol. 2
  • Iron Maiden (UK-1) : A Tribute to the Beast Vol.1
  • Iskald : Revelations of Reckoning Day
  • Ivenberg : Wunden
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