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Metal Blade Records

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Metal Blade Records : Latest Videos
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Metal Blade Records : Latest News
Exclusive: FUSE posts "30 years of Metal Blade" video; Brian Slagel discusses the label's history
FUSE TV has launched an exclusive interview with Metal Blade Records CEO, Brian Slagel, over at Fuse.tv. The in-depth interview, conducted at the Metal Blade offices, will give fans insights into Slag

EXUMER confirms appearance at Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse Festival 2013 in Chicago, IL
German thrash metal legends EXUMER have been confirmed to appear at the Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse Festival in Chicago, IL! The fest is scheduled to take place from May 3-4, 2013, and also includes O

WHITECHAPEL and EMMURE announce "Brothers of Brutality" co-headlining tour!
Whitechapel have announced that they will be embarking on a North American co-headlining tour with Emmure! The Brothers of Brutality Tour, presented by Revolver Magazine and Rockstar Energy Drink, wil

AEON: Exclusive Track Premiere Hosted By MetalSucks
Today MetalSucks offers up an exclusive premiere of "The Glowing Hate," the latest single of iniquity from Swedish death metal unit, AEON. The track comes off the band's forthcoming new full-length, A

Cattle Decapitation Announce By The Fans, For The Fans Tour
With the assistance of their booking agent and devoted fan-base, CATTLE DECAPITATION is starting a mini-tour throughout the Northeast dubbed the "By the Fans, For the Fans" tour, which begins tonight

System Divide leaves tour with Epica
System Divide regrets to announce that they have to cancel the rest of their North American appearances with Epica, Insomnium, and Alestorm. Vocalist Sven De Caluwé has posted a statement, which can

AEON Issue New In-Studio Video Update
Today, the second in a series of studio clips from AEON's blazing Aeons Black recording session has been posted to the band's Official Landing Page. Sneak a peek at drummer Arttu Mallki punishing his

Troubled Horse debut now song "Another Mans Name" via Decibel Magazine
In preparation for the release of their new album on November 19th, Sweden's Troubled Horse have unveiled another new song from Step Inside. Decibel Magazine has partnered up with Metal Blade/Rise Abo

Between The Buried And Me Join Coheed And Cambria For 2013 Tour
Between The Buried And Me embark on their first North American tour since the release of The Parallax II: Future Sequence this February, joining Coheed and Cambria for a six-week tour that kicks off F

Whitechapel Premieres New Music Video On Alternative Press.Com!
Knoxville, TN sextet WHITECHAPEL has launched their new music video for "Possibilities of an Impossible Existence" off their current, self-titled release, exclusively on Alternative Press's site today

Metal Blade Records : All the productions
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  • Banshee (USA) : Cry in the Night
  • Barn Burner : Bangers (CD)
  • Barn Burner : Bangers II: Scum of the Earth
  • Battlecross : Pursuit of Honor
  • Battlecross : Hostile
  • Battlecross : War of Will
  • Battlecross : Rise to Power
  • Behemoth (PL) : Evangelion
  • Behemoth (PL) : Ezkaton
  • Behemoth (PL) : Ov Fire and the Void
  • Behemoth (PL) : Evangelia Heretika
  • Behemoth (PL) : Abyssus Abyssum Invocat
  • Behemoth (PL) : The Satanist
  • Behold... The Arctopus : Skullgrid
  • Believer : Gabriel
  • Believer : Transhuman
  • Below (SWE-2) : Across the Dark River
  • Beseech : ...From a Bleeding Heart
  • Betsy : Betsy
  • Between The Buried And Me : The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues
  • Between The Buried And Me : Future Sequence : Live at the Fidelitorium
  • Between The Buried And Me : The Parallax II: Future Sequence
  • Between The Buried And Me : Coma Ecliptic
  • Beyond Possession : Is Beyond Possession
  • Beyond The Embrace : Against the Elements
  • Beyond The Embrace : Insect Song
  • Beyond The Shore : Ghostwatcher
  • Beyond The Sixth Seal : Resurrection of Everything Tough
  • Big Boss : Belial's Wind
  • Biohazard : Kill or Be Killed
  • Bison BC : Quiet Earth
  • Bison BC : Dark Ages
  • Bison BC : Lovelessness
  • Bitch : A Rose by Any Other Name
  • Bitch : The Bitch Is Back
  • Bitch : Be My Slave
  • Bitch : Damnation Alley
  • Bitch : Be My Slave and Damnation Alley
  • Bitter End (USA-2) : Harsh Realities
  • Blind Guardian : And Then There Was Silence
  • Blind Guardian : Mister Sandman
  • Blind Guardian : Mirror Mirror
  • Blood Ceremony : The Eldritch Dark
  • Blood For Blood : Serenity
  • Blood For Blood : Spit My Last Breath
  • Blood Has Been Shed : Novella of Uriel
  • Blood Has Been Shed : I Dwell on Thoughts of You
  • Bloodflowerz : Diabolic Angel
  • Bloodlust (USA-1) : Guilty as Sin
  • Bloody Tears (ITA) : Risen from the depth
  • Bludgeon (USA-2) : Crucify the Priest
  • BO : Black Roses
  • Bodyfarm : The Coming Scourge
  • Bolt Thrower : Those Once Loyal
  • Bolt Thrower : Mercenary
  • Bolt Thrower : Honour Valour Pride
  • Bongzilla : Apogee
  • Bongzilla : Gateway
  • Bongzilla : Stash
  • Born From Pain : Warfare
  • Born From Pain : War
  • Born From Pain : In Love with the End
  • Born From Pain : Survival
  • Born From Pain : Immortality
  • Botch : We Are the Romans
  • Brain Drill : Boundless Obscenity
  • Brain Drill : Apocalyptic Feasting
  • Brain Drill : Quantum Catastrophe
  • Brainstorm (GER-1) : Downburst
  • Brainstorm (GER-1) : Ambiguity
  • Brainstorm (GER-1) : Fire Walk with Me
  • Brainstorm (GER-1) : Metus Mortis
  • Brainstorm (GER-1) : All Those Words
  • Brainstorm (GER-1) : Liquid Monster
  • Brainstorm (GER-1) : Soul Temptation
  • Brainstorm (GER-1) : Honey from the B's
  • Brainstorm (GER-1) : Unholy
  • Brainstorm (GER-1) : Just Highs No Lows (12 Years of Persistence)
  • Breach : It's Me God
  • Brimstone Coven : Brimestone Coven
  • Brimstone Coven : Black Magic
  • Broken Hope : Repulsive Conception
  • Broken Hope : The Bowels of Repugnance
  • Broken Hope : Hobo Stew
  • Broken Hope : Swamped in Gore
  • Broken Hope : Loathing
  • Brujeria : Demoniaco!
  • Brujeria : Raza Odiada
  • Brujeria : Machetazos!
  • Brutal Truth : For Drug Crazed Grindfreaks Only! - Live at Noctum Studios + 1
  • Burst : Prey on Life
  • Bury Your Dead : Cover Your Tracks
  • Byzantine : Broadmoor
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