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Cruz Del Sur Music

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Cruz Del Sur Music : Latest News
ARGUS to play ROADBURN and DUBLIN in 2015. New 7” release in the making.
Very exciting news for all the ARGUS‘ fans in Europe. The band will be back in Europe in April 2015 for at least 2 shows, one of them at the prestigious ROADBURN FESTIVAL! But first the band wil

HAMMER KING on Cruz Del Sur Music
CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC will release the debut album from new German epic power metal sensation, HAMMER KING! Even though “Kingdom of the Hammer King” is their debut album, HAMMER KING’s members are

We’re proud to announce that in 2015 CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC will give birth to a little, lovely sister: GATES OF HELL RECORDS! GATES OF HELL RECORDS is a sub-label of Cruz Del Sur that will focus on ol

Apostle of Solitude’s ‘Of Woe and Wounds’ Album Stream at Zero Tolerance
U.S. Doomsters APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE are proud to announce the exclusive album stream of Of Woe and Wounds in celebration of today’s release on Cruz Del Sur Music in North America. Check out Ze

APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE Release Official Video for “This Mania”
U.S. Doomsters APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE are proud to present the official video for “This Mania,” a track off the band’s forthcoming release Of Woe and Wounds.  The album will be release

Full MAUSOLEUM GATE’s album stream!
Full MAUSOLEUM GATE‘s album stream on Bandcamp.com  on  the official European release date. “Epic, Majestic and Bizarre… One of the best newcomers in years” (Deaf Forever-DE

Apostle of Solitude Release New Streaming Off Upcoming Album
Apostle of Solitude  today presents the second track off their forthcoming album “Of Woe And Wounds”, to be released  by Cruz Del Sur Music on Oct 31 (Europe) and Nov 4 (USA). Listen to “Whore

Cruz Del Sur Music : All the productions
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  • Antiquus : Eleutheria
  • Antiquus : Ramayana
  • Apostle Of Solitude : Of Woe and Wounds
  • Argus (USA-1) : Boldly Stride the Doomed
  • Argus (USA-1) : Beyond the Martyrs
  • Argus (USA-1) : Live at Hammer of Doom
  • Asterius : As Descendants of Star
  • Asterius : A Moment of Singularity
  • Atlantean Kodex : The Annihilation of Nürnberg
  • Atlantean Kodex : The Golden Bough
  • Atlantean Kodex : The White Goddess
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