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Century Media

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Century Media : Dernières Videos
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Century Media : Dernières News
Oceans of Slumber: : post new song "Turpentine"!
As we prepare for Winter, we have already been privy to two faces of what will make OCEANS OF SLUMBER's debut Century Media release so unique in a sea chock full of aural-monotony. Whether it was the

Aborted: : new album announced, cover artwork revealed
We all get a little mad sometimes... Belgium's gore-mongers ABORTED have just vomited forth the cover artwork for their upcoming full-length album "Retrogore". Have a look at the pure horror and keep

: MORBID SAINT: kick off presale for "Spectrum of Death" vinyl reissue & extended edition, launch preview tracks!
A masterpiece of raw and rabid, deadly thrashing madness is going to return as stunning reissue on March 11th, 2016 via Century Media Records: MORBID SAINT's "Spectrum of Death"! Originally recorded a

DEAD LORD: : now on tour across Europe with The Vintage Caravan!
Simsalabim! Sweden's high energy rock shooting stars DEAD LORD are on tour across Europe as main support for The Vintage Caravan, also featuring Tiebreaker from Norway as opening band! If you - for w

The Haunted: : North American tour starts today; European dates; Working on new album!
Swedish Thrash Metallers THE HAUNTED are finally returning to North American ground in order to support their current 8th full-length album, "Exit Wounds", released via Century Media Records. Next to

: SINDROME - official demo collection to be released in March, pre-sale has started
"I wore out two copies of the "Into the Halls of Extermination" tape, that's how much it got played in my bedroom. Sindrome, alongside bands like Death, Massacre and Morbid Angel were certainly an inf

Miasmal: : pre-order for new album "Tides Of Omniscience" starts today!
"... a musically and atmospherically highly sophisticated album. MIASMAL are on the verge of creating their very own death metal style. The band deserves highest respect for that!" Patrick Schmidt / R

Port Noir: : reveal details for new album "Any Way The Wind Carries"!
Swedish post-metal high flyers, PORT NOIR, will release their eagerly awaited second full-length opus on April 1st, 2016 via Century Media Records (World excl. North America & Nordic) and Razzia Notes

Oceans of Slumber: : pre-order for "Winter" starts today!
OCEANS OF SLUMBER mystify listeners with atmospheric melodies over darkened dynamics that range from the perversely sinister to the adventurously progressive, creating an undeniably epic wall of sound

Paradise Lost: : premiere video for "Terminal" via DecibelMagazine.com
Just before heading out to sea as part of the 2016 installment of the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise, British goth-metal pioneers PARADISE LOST have partnered up with DecibelMagazine.com in order to prem

Century Media : Toutes les productions
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  • Vader : Future of the Past
  • Vallenfyre : A Fragile King
  • Vallenfyre : Splinters
  • Vallenfyre : The Last of Our Kind
  • Vampire : Vampire
  • Vampire : Cimmerian Shade
  • Vampires Everywhere : Drug of Choice
  • Vampires Everywhere : Kiss the Sun Goodbye
  • Vampires Everywhere : Undead Heart
  • Vampires Everywhere : Lost in the Shadows
  • Vampires Everywhere : Hellbound and Heartless
  • Vampires Everywhere : I Can't Breathe
  • Vasaria : Vasaria
  • Vattnet Viskar : Settler
  • Vattnet Viskar : Sky Swallower
  • Venomous Concept : Poisoned Apple
  • Verbal Abuse : Red White and Violent
  • Very Bad Things : Unimaginable Consequences
  • Vildhjarta : Thousands of Evils
  • Vildhjarta : Måsstaden
  • Vital Remains : Dechristianize
  • Vital Remains : Icons of Evil
  • Vital Remains : Horrors of Hell
  • Voïvod : Kluskap O'Kom
  • Voïvod : Mechanical Mind
  • Voïvod : Target Earth
  • Voïvod : Post Society
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