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Century Media : Dernières Videos
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Century Media : Dernières News
Vattnet Viskar: : unveil the cover art to "Settler"!
New Hampshire's post-black metal band VATTNET VISKAR are happy to unveil the cover art to their upcoming album "Settler". The artwork was created by multimedia artist, Josh Graham (ex-Neurosis, Sound

Feed The Rhino: : playing main stage at Reading and Leeds; New live video for "Finish The Game"!
FEED THE RHINO are very excited to announce that they will be performing on the main stage at Reading and Leeds this August. Be prepared for the craziest start to the day you have ever seen! If you

Tribulation: : "The Children Of The Night" is out, new video released
"The Children Of The Night" is out! One of the most awaited albums of 2015 can now be purchased from the dealer of your choice or at one of the below retailers:

Deez Nuts: : listen to "Word Is Bond" via Impericon (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and Rock Sound (Europe)
While DEEZ NUTS' new album "Word Is Bond" is released in USA and Canada as of today European fans will need to wait just a little longer to get their copies on the following dates: GERMANY / AUSTRIA /

Paradise Lost: : premiere new lyric video for "No Hope In Sight" via Metal Hammer!
Returning with opus number fourteen "The Plague Within" (released June 1st, 2015), PARADISE LOST are once again refining the chemical equation to their sonic alchemy with the kind of creative invincib

Tribulation: : new album "The Children Of The Night" has been released!
"The Children Of The Night", TRIBULATION's eagerly awaited third studio album, has been released today. Get your copy at CM Distro, EMP, iTunes, AmazonMP3 or the dealer of your choice:

: "Obscura" and "From Wisdom To Hate" OUT NOW; songs online!
Century Media Records have recently reissued the groundbreaking technical death metal albums "Obscura" and "From Wisdom To Hate" by long-running Canadian legend GORGUTS! These 2015 editions were crea

Karyn Crisis' Gospel of the Witches: : launches second interview video
Karyn Crisis -- best known for her trademark melodic singing and growling roars as the vocalist of Crisis (1993-2006) and Ephel Duath (2011-2014) - has returned with a new project, KARYN CRISIS' GOSPE

Gift Giver: : premiere new video for "Trendkill"
Detroit's GIFT GIVER are set to release their Century Media debut "Shitlife" on April 27th in Europe (digital only). The band is currently on tour with Sworn In in the US and have just completed a ki

Tiamat: : "The Astral Sleep" vinyl re-issue now available for pre-ordering!
Century Media Records will finally re-issue legendary Swedish act TIAMAT's second album "The Astral Sleep" on vinyl on May 11, 2015! Originally released in 1991, "The Astral Sleep" is a true masterpi

Century Media : Toutes les productions
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  • Vader : Future of the Past
  • Vallenfyre : Splinters
  • Vallenfyre : A Fragile King
  • Vampire : Vampire
  • Vampires Everywhere : Kiss the Sun Goodbye
  • Vampires Everywhere : Undead Heart
  • Vampires Everywhere : Lost in the Shadows
  • Vampires Everywhere : Hellbound and Heartless
  • Vampires Everywhere : I Can't Breathe
  • Vampires Everywhere : Drug of Choice
  • Vasaria : Vasaria
  • Vattnet Viskar : Sky Swallower
  • Vattnet Viskar : Settler
  • Venomous Concept : Poisoned Apple
  • Verbal Abuse : Red White and Violent
  • Very Bad Things : Unimaginable Consequences
  • Vildhjarta : Thousands of Evils
  • Vildhjarta : Måsstaden
  • Vital Remains : Dechristianize
  • Vital Remains : Icons of Evil
  • Vital Remains : Horrors of Hell
  • Voïvod : Target Earth
  • Voïvod : Mechanical Mind
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