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AFM Records

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AFM Records : Latest Videos
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AFM Records : Latest News
A Life Divided : new album announced!
Bavarian electro-rockers A LIFE DIVIDED will release their new album 'Human' on April 10th (EU)/April 28th (USA). From April 6th on the band will support German superstars UNHEILIG as their main su

Eden's Curse : official Live video clip 'Rock Bottom' available!
After four successful studio albums, March 13th marks the arrival of the first ever Live album by melodic hard rock/metal masters EDEN'S CURSE. 'Live With The Curse' was recorded on November 27th i

Tanzwut : new album out now!
The new album „ Freitag der 13.“ is out now! A good opportunity to watch their first video “Freitag der 13.” again, click here.

Elvenking : Lyric Video 'The Solitaire' online!
Italian folk power metal icons ELVENKING have unleashed a brand new lyric video for their song 'The Solitaire' (taken from their newest album 'The Pagan Manifesto'). Also, the band announces that E

Tanzwut : new video clip available!
Not even a week to go till „Freitag der 13.“ will be out on February 13th. It will be available as digipak or as a beautiful deluxe book edition (autograph card, album and bonus CD with remixes

Magic Kingdom : "Savage Requiem" album trailer available!
Belgian metallers MAGIC KINGDOM have uploaded a trailer for their upcoming album "Savage Requiem". This first teaser includes excerpts of all 10 regular album songs. "Savage Requiem" will be relea

Orden Ogan : confirmed as main support for upcoming Powerwolf tour!
After entering the album charts in Germany and Switzerland (Germany on a stunning #16!), power metallers ORDEN OGAN come up with good news again: the band (currently on tour with HammerFall), is als

U.D.O. : New drummer announced!
After the split of former U.D.O. Drummer Francesco Jovino and numerous auditions with possible new band members, the decision has been made – the new drummer and band member of U.D.O. will be Sven

Eden's Curse : LIVE album in March!
After nine years of EDEN’S CURSE band history the multinational hard rock/melodic metal band now presents their first ever Live album. Initially formed as a studio project, EDEN’S CURSE has blo

Magic Kingdom : to release "Savage Requiem" on March 20th!
Belgian guitarist Dushan Petrossi is not only the driving force behind AFM Records-signed IRON MASK; he is also the mastermind of power symphonic speed metal band MAGIC KINGDOM. Actually it was MAGI

AFM Records : All the productions
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  • A Life Divided : Space - Single
  • A Life Divided : The Great Escape
  • A Life Divided : Heart On Fire - Single
  • A Life Divided : Passenger
  • A Life Divided : Doesn't Count - Single
  • A Life Divided : The Last Dance - Single
  • A Life Divided : Feel - Single
  • All Hail The Yeti : All Hail the Yeti
  • Almah : Fragile Equality
  • Almah : Unfold
  • Almah : Motion
  • Almah : Almah
  • Almah : Raise the Sun
  • Annihilator : Schizo Deluxe
  • Annihilator : All for You
  • At Vance : Decade
  • At Vance : Facing Your Enemy
  • At Vance : Dragonchaser
  • At Vance : Ride the Sky
  • At Vance : Chained
  • At Vance : The Evil in You
  • At Vance : VII
  • At Vance : Only Human
  • Athorn : Phobia
  • Avantasia : The Metal Opera
  • Avantasia : The Metal Opera: Pt. 1 & 2 (Gold Edition)
  • Avantasia : Avantasia
  • Axxis : Eyes of Darkness
  • Axxis : Matters of Survival
  • Axxis : Voodoo Vibes (EP)
  • Axxis : Stay Don't Leave Me
  • Axxis : Ships Are Sailing
  • Axxis : Living in a World
  • Axxis : Time Machine
  • Axxis : Voodoo Vibes
  • Axxis : Kingdom of the Night
  • Axxis : Another Day
  • Axxis : Little Look Back
  • Axxis : Fire and Ice
  • Axxis : Doom of Destiny
  • Axxis : Back to the Kingdom
  • Axxis : Access All Areas
  • Axxis : Idolator
  • Axxis : The World Is Looking in Their Eyes
  • Axxis : Kingdom of the Night (Single)
  • Axxis : Utopia
  • Axxis : Paradise in Flames
  • Axxis : Collection of Power
  • Axxis : The Big Thrill
  • Axxis : Sarajevo
  • Axxis : Love Doesn't Know Any Distance
  • Axxis : Hold You
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