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AFM Records : Latest Videos
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AFM Records : Latest News
Triosphere : „The Heart’s Dominion“ lyric video available!
Norwegian melodic heavy/progressive metallers TRIOSPHERE will release their new album, titled “The Heart Of The Matter”, on November 7th. A lyric video was now made available for the song 

Bloodbound : first new track “Iron Throne” released!
Fans of anthemic heavy/power metal know about BLOODBOUND’s qualities. The Swedes' new and highly-anticipated record “Stormborn” will see the light of day on November 21st. „Iron Throne“,

Triosphere : "The Heart Of The Matter” coming in November!
Norway’s best female-fronted metal band, TRIOSPHERE, has completed work on their new album. Almost four and a half years after “The Road Less Travelled” and following European tours with Kamel

Korzus : return with new album and lyric video!
High-class thrash metal from Brazil, anyone? KORZUS were founded more than 30 years ago and are one of the most popular metal bands of South America. Four years after “Discipline Of Hate”, which

Onslaught : new video clip / US tour!
Unfortunately ONSLAUGHT singer Sy Keeler has to sit out the band‘s US tour, but a replacement was found in Neil Turbin (ex-Anthrax), so all shows of the U.K. thrash masters can take place as sched

U.D.O. : new album „Decadent“ to arrive in January!
The grandmasters of Teutonic heavy metal return with a new studio album. After the success of “Steelhammer” and the Live album/DVD „Steelhammer - Live From Moscow“, U.D.O. are busily working

Bloodbound : „Stormborn“ to be released on November 21st!
Swedish heavy/power metallers BLOODBOUND have announced the arrival of their new studio album for November 21st. Two Years after “In The Name Of Metal” and touring in support of the album (f. a

Lordi : New single „Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein“ out now!
The band has eleased a lyric video for the new digital single and you can watch it here: http://www.vevo.com/watch/FIRC41400056 or here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxGS83UFEgM The new Album

Kissin' Dynamite : European tour kicked off!
After entering the official charts in their home country Germany on #17 with the new album “Megalomania”, KISSIN’ DYNAMITE have now kicked off their European headlining tour. Don’t miss it!

Tanzwut : new rock album on Friday, February 13th 2015
Guess what the title is? “Freitag der 13.” (Friday the 13th ) -  which is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition. However, in this case, TANZWUT will set a new way of looking at

AFM Records : All the productions
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  • A Life Divided : Passenger
  • A Life Divided : Doesn't Count - Single
  • A Life Divided : The Last Dance - Single
  • A Life Divided : Feel - Single
  • A Life Divided : Space - Single
  • A Life Divided : The Great Escape
  • A Life Divided : Heart On Fire - Single
  • All Hail The Yeti : All Hail the Yeti
  • Almah : Almah
  • Almah : Raise the Sun
  • Almah : Fragile Equality
  • Almah : Unfold
  • Almah : Motion
  • Annihilator : All for You
  • Annihilator : Schizo Deluxe
  • At Vance : The Evil in You
  • At Vance : VII
  • At Vance : Only Human
  • At Vance : Decade
  • At Vance : Facing Your Enemy
  • At Vance : Dragonchaser
  • At Vance : Ride the Sky
  • At Vance : Chained
  • Athorn : Phobia
  • Avantasia : The Metal Opera: Pt. 1 & 2 (Gold Edition)
  • Avantasia : Avantasia
  • Avantasia : The Metal Opera
  • Axxis : Kingdom of the Night (Single)
  • Axxis : Utopia
  • Axxis : Paradise in Flames
  • Axxis : Back to the Kingdom
  • Axxis : Access All Areas
  • Axxis : Idolator
  • Axxis : The World Is Looking in Their Eyes
  • Axxis : Hold You
  • Axxis : Collection of Power
  • Axxis : The Big Thrill
  • Axxis : Sarajevo
  • Axxis : Love Doesn't Know Any Distance
  • Axxis : Living in a World
  • Axxis : Eyes of Darkness
  • Axxis : Matters of Survival
  • Axxis : Voodoo Vibes (EP)
  • Axxis : Stay Don't Leave Me
  • Axxis : Ships Are Sailing
  • Axxis : Fire and Ice
  • Axxis : Doom of Destiny
  • Axxis : Time Machine
  • Axxis : Voodoo Vibes
  • Axxis : Kingdom of the Night
  • Axxis : Another Day
  • Axxis : Little Look Back
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