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interview Vader Vader (en)
Septiembre 2013 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
"Even after metal music became my job, I still have that fire growing inside. It’s not just a routine, or just because it’s money and that’s it. I think it wouldn’t be as nice if ...[leer la continuación]
interview Valkyrja Valkyrja (en)
Marzo 2016 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
...[leer la continuación]
interview Varg (GER-2) Varg (GER-2) (en)
Enero 2013 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
SOM had the opportunity to interview Varg, which is a band from Germany and their style according to their own band members is: “Wolf Metal, which is kind of a mix of pagan metal, melodic de...[leer la continuación]
interview Varg (GER-2) Varg (GER-2) (en)
Mayo 2014 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
...[leer la continuación]
interview Vastum Vastum (en)
Mayo 2011 - GandhiEgo
[leer la continuación]
interview Viral (FIN) Viral (en)
Julio 2010 - WinterMadness177
Timo Komulainen, also known as mad, is a vocalist, guitarist and a composer, who is responsible for the one-man band Viral. Antediluvian Hunger, Viral's first and possibly last album, tells a ...[leer la continuación]
interview Vision Of Disorder Vision Of Disorder (en)
Octubre 2012 - Sentenced

[leer la continuación]
interview Voice Of The Soul Voice Of The Soul (en)
Mayo 2012 - Tiphany Mataï
The Middle Eastern Metal scene is spreading step by step and there are always bands who try to spread the word about their music. Even though this region is quite underestimated, there are tal...[leer la continuación]
interview Vomitory (SWE) Vomitory
Mayo 2004 - DJ In Extremis
Definitely not ! Sweden is not the right place for ONLY melodic-gay death-metal with keyboards and female vocals. Sweden is also a country where terror, blood, bowels and spikes rule. And thanks to Vomitory only for existing ! These fuck...[leer la continuación]
interview Voyager (AUS) Voyager (AUS) (en)
Junio 2012 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
[leer la continuación]
interview Vreid Vreid (en)
Septiembre 2011 - Deesse_de_la_nuit
[leer la continuación]
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